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American Made Swimsuits for Women: A USA Love List Source Guide

OK ladies, is there anyone out there who actually likes to go swimsuit shopping? Anyone? I am sure we can all agree that swimwear is probably THE most daunting clothing item to search for. This year USA Love List editors hope to make your swimsuit shopping experience a little less stress full. Jill's going start you off with important shopping and fitting tips in her articles  Three Tips That Make Swimsuit Shopping Easier and Your Search for the Best Swimsuit Ends Here. Then, make sure you come back here to peruse our American Made Swimsuits for Women Source Guide to find a made...

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Six American Made Resort Style Essentials

If you’re lucky enough to be headed somewhere warm, here are our top American Made Resort Style must haves this season.  The USA Love List team is headed on an editors' retreat! We normally work remotely so we all feel lucky to be able to spend lots of quality time working on a cruise ship for five days. We couldn't leave without putting together a list of our favorite American made resort style essentials that will be bringing along with us.   EASY AMERICAN MADE UPGRADES FOR YOUR NEXT RESORT TRIP I’m so obsessed with this Pantropic Panama Sun Hat. It’s gorgeous!...

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Your Search For the Best Swimsuit For Women Ends Here (Bonus: It’s American Made)

I know, I know, swimsuit shopping is the worst. Summer isn't over year, and for those going on vacation in September, here are some tips for to make it a little easier to find a Made in USA swimsuit. I think I have the same conversation with friends about finding a new bathing suit every single year. It's always good to be able to laugh at the situation though. I remember the time I ordered a “large” swimsuit that came in the mail looking as if it were a size large for a toddler. I tried that suit on, and had...

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Three Tips That Make Swimsuit Shopping Easy

Swimsuit shopping is daunting to most of us, but I'm glad to report that there are a number of good options out there for American made swimwear. With Memorial Day around the corner, I suggest these simple tips for making your shopping less painful! Swimsuit shopping tips When looking for swimwear, look for suits made out of quality fabrics; they lay better on the body than cheap thin fabrics. Be sure to find the right colors and patterns for your skin tones. Regardless of your size, be sure to highlight your waist so the suit is figure flattering. Some of my favorite American-made swimwear brands include  Norma Kamali, and Miraclesuit because they have a wide variety of style and colors and are made of great material.  I suggest a bikini with a high waisted bottoms or a one-piece that has style elements focusing on the waist.  If you have a fuller bust line, I suggest staying away from patterns or details, like ruffles, that add volume. Try something simple, but still sexy and well fitting. Let your curves speak for themselves! Be sure to handwash your suit. I suggest a non-petroleum based, bio-degradable, wash like this lavender scented one from...

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