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What’s in Your Gym Bag? Made In USA Gym Bag Essentials

These gym bag essentials are dependable, American made, high quality products that will only add to your health and wellness routine.  Having your sports bag packed with the essentials makes getting your workout in easier.  Being prepared is half the battle, keep it systematic and be ready with your gear on hand.  A woman on the go isn't just worried about the right pre-workout snack but she has to be ready to roll onto the next task of the day. Made in USA Gym Bag Essentials Sports Cream Topricin Sports Cream is unique because it has no scent.  You can tend...

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How To Pop A Pimple Like A Pro & The Best American Made Acne Products to Fix It

How to pop a pimple the proper way is good bit of info to have in your bag of tricks.  It is true that many should just be left to heal and disappear on their own.  We can expedite the process for the un-poppable though and some can be safely popped.  The goal is to reduce or eliminate scarring, to not spread infection, and to look presentable (some just have to go!).  All you need is proper technique and some trusted, American made acne products for aiding the healing process. HOW TO POP A PIMPLE A puss filled white...

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Makeup Remover Wipes, 4 Made in USA Brands – American Beauty

Beauty wipes, makeup remover wipes, cleansing cloths, facial wipes… they have a few names but the idea is all the same.  These wipes are designed to clean your face sans the sink and water.  Nearly every brand is offering a cleansing wipe.  I discovered that many of the inexpensive drug store brands are made overseas.  However, looking among prestige brands, I found that many makeup remover wipes are made in the USA.  For a busy day or during travel, facial wipes are handy.  I would not ditch the traditional cleanser in lieu of the wipes but skipping a night here or there won't be a disaster when you have these on hand.  Place a package on your night table for evenings you collapse into bed.  Did you know that each night you sleep with your makeup on accelerates the aging process?! Our favorite American-made makeup remover wipes: With the popularity of the makeup removing wipes, companies have offered more of a variety instead of just basic cleansing cloths.  They have addressed some specific skin care needs and tailored different wipes to accommodate us. For blemish prone skin try the Murad Acne Clarifying Wipes.  Cleanses, fights bacteria and unclogs pores. Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes are formulated to be soothing and gentle on sensitive skin.  The cloth is also natural, aloe is used to soothe and the wipe is fragrance free....

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