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Planting a Vegetable Garden Without Chemicals: Clean Gardening Tips

“CLEAN” and “GARDENING” are words that are not normally seen together. Why, there is DIRT involved in gardening after all!  Dirt that gets in your nails, on your clothes, all over your house…yeah, gardening is definitely NOT clean.   For today's post, clean gardening is defined as the  growing of herbs, vegetables and fruits without the addition of synthetic chemicals. Planting a Vegetable Garden Without Chemicals When practicing clean gardening,  no fertilizers,  pest control products, and seeds are used that contain anything that would be considered not of natural origin. Using clean gardening techniques assures me that my family, pets...

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Clean Gardening: A Video Lesson on Starting Seeds with Chemical Free American Gardening Supplies

Today, my two lovely assistants and I will show you how we start our seeds the chemical free way.  As I mentioned last week in my introduction to clean gardening, it is super important to know that the garden products my kiddos are exposed to are safe.  Video: How to Start a Clean Garden We took a trip to our local family owned garden store, where we purchased  the USA made gardening supplies mentioned in the video (see below for our supply list)  and we went to work. [youtube] Clean Gardening Supply List Hoffman Purely Organic Potting Soil...

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