Paul Mitchell

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Try this 3 Step Salon Makeover At Home Using American Made Beauty Products

A makeover is renewing.  A trip to the salon or a DIY makeover will have you feeling and looking great. You might be pressed for time but you will amaze yourself with just how little it takes to go a long way.  So get the luxe treatment with a mini makeover at home.  Get started with high quality American made beauty products and these tips for a fresh blow out, glowing skin and shiny manicure. We all know there is NO replacement for our trusted professional stylists, makeup artists, and skin therapists but we can do our best in...

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American Made Summer Beauty Essentials

Beauty products need to change with every season.  Lucky for us there is no shortage of high quality, made in USA beauty and personal products to fit our changing needs.  This list has your summer beauty essentials. Summer is all about less maintenance.  Here is what to ditch, and how to switch, to the best American made beauty products for your summer routine. Best American Made Summer Beauty Essentials Deodorant Try a natural brand that works.  Crystal Body Deodorant comes in a convenient roller ball, it's a no mess application so I love just tossing it in my purse. ...

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American Made Beauty: 15 Gifts Under $15

Beauty enthusiasts who have a huge stash of product want nothing more than to add to their collection.  These American made beauty products are all $15 dollars or less and hot on the “it” list right now.  Anyone who loves their products understands the delight in receiving the latest and greatest in beauty as a gift, myself included. 15 Beauty Gifts under $15 An organic and decadent chocolate treat for the body.  A gift for the senses;  beautifully packaged, aromatically pleasing and skin smoothing. Chocolatier's Gift by Thesis Beauty $11.95. Good makeup brushes are hard to find and always...

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Video: How I Use My Favorite Made in USA Beauty Supplies by Paul Mitchell

Did you know most of Paul Mitchell hair care products are Made in America?  In my opinion, when it comes to quality beauty supplies, Paul Mitchell takes the cake and their products are easy to find on Amazon.  Here is how I daily use two of my favorite made in the USA styling sprays which give me volume, hold and flexibility. 1. Extra-Body Finishing Spray from the Paul Mitchell extrabody line. 2. Worked Up from the Paul Mitchell expressstyle line. [youtube...

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