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Made in USA Beauty Products: The Ultimate Source List

Our source guide for made in USA beauty products includes brands that are exclusively American Made.  In order to provide a go-to, comprehensive list of sources for made in USA makeup, skin care, nails, sunscreen, and more, the criteria needed to be simple.  Every bath, beauty and cosmetic product these companies make is done right here. Often our source guides list specific made in USA beauty products from companies that might also have some other items made overseas, and we try to keep you informed about that.  We promote those American made products in support of the local economy and their efforts...

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5 American Made Winter Skin Care Products We Love

Almost everyone notices a change in their skin with the change of the seasons.  As we endure the colder months, our barrier becomes compromised. Dry, flaky, and dull skin can creep in.  You need an ideal moisturizer to maintain healthy winter skin.  I have five American made winter skin care products that will keep your skin in optimal health against the harsh weather conditions.  Think of more than just creams when you want to keep your skin glowing through the seasons.  In addition to product recommendations I have added an at home light therapy tool for your best complexion. American Made...

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6 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts For $30 or Less, All American Made

Everyone wants to find a great gift that won't break the bank. I've put together a list of Valentine's Day gifts for $30 or less. Whether you're looking for a gift for your best friend, wife, daughter or a mother, you're sure to find something for everyone on your list. They are all affordable AND American made, so  you'll feel even better about your purchase. 6 Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts for $30 or Less, All American Made Pink Heart Wristlet The one of a kind, limited edition Pink Heart Wristlet is a unique gift for someone special in your life. ...

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8 Merry Beauty Buys under $8: Made in USA Beauty Stocking Stuffers

Beauty items make great stocking stuffers. They come in eye catching packages and often have a sweet scent. Some are even essential items which make for a practical and pretty gift. All of the beauty items in this gift guide are priced under eight dollars and made in the USA. Beauty Buys to Stuff Your Stocking EOS Lip Balm. These little spheres make my list often because they are so fun. My 15 year old has quite the collection and no one in the house hold can keep their hands off of them.   They always have special editions for...

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Makeup Remover Wipes, 4 Made in USA Brands – American Beauty

Beauty wipes, makeup remover wipes, cleansing cloths, facial wipes… they have a few names but the idea is all the same.  These wipes are designed to clean your face sans the sink and water.  Nearly every brand is offering a cleansing wipe.  I discovered that many of the inexpensive drug store brands are made overseas.  However, looking among prestige brands, I found that many makeup remover wipes are made in the USA.  For a busy day or during travel, facial wipes are handy.  I would not ditch the traditional cleanser in lieu of the wipes but skipping a night here or there won't be a disaster when you have these on hand.  Place a package on your night table for evenings you collapse into bed.  Did you know that each night you sleep with your makeup on accelerates the aging process?! Our favorite American-made makeup remover wipes: With the popularity of the makeup removing wipes, companies have offered more of a variety instead of just basic cleansing cloths.  They have addressed some specific skin care needs and tailored different wipes to accommodate us. For blemish prone skin try the Murad Acne Clarifying Wipes.  Cleanses, fights bacteria and unclogs pores. Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes are formulated to be soothing and gentle on sensitive skin.  The cloth is also natural, aloe is used to soothe and the wipe is fragrance free....

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