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Five Health Benefits of Chocolate: Sweet Skincare, Made in the USA

We all love chocolate. What if I told you that it is good for you too, inside and out?  I am here to tell you that the “chocolate gives me acne” warning is a myth, my friends! Although what you do and eat does play a factor in your skin's condition, eating chocolate is not a cause of acne. No foods have been proven to cause acne. The cause of acne is one (or a combination) of the following factors: overactive oil glands, heredity, hormones, and clogged pores. 5 Health Benefits of Chocolate It is an antioxidant. Increases cell renewal,...

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Show Your American Made Pride: 4th of July Beauty Ideas Plus 10 Made in USA Beauty Favorites

Summer is finally in full swing, cookouts, picnics, festivals and celebrations.  Next up is Independence Day.   Here are some of my favorite 4th of July beauty ideas: Get the Look of an Original American Beauty Icon Mimic this classic Marilyn Monroe look using all American made cosmetics.  Get the step by step look with our how to process. Color Blocked Manicure Use red, white and blue to keep it festive and simple.  All nail colors are Priti NYC.  Learn more about the Eco-Fabulous company in our review. Playfully Patriotic Nail Art for the Kids Time is of the...

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We’re Thankful for Our Readers and also for Our Fall Beauty Faves {American Beauty}

Fall – Giving Thanks Happy Thanksgiving! This is the last of the fall festivities before we really start to dive into the Holiday Season.  We have only touched the surface of our gift guides for the upcoming season and I will also share some Holiday and winter looks in our weekly American Beauty feature.  Before we move along I want to highlight my favorite made in USA beauty finds of Fall 2012. Fall Favorites 2012 by amariebeauty featuring a matte foundation Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation Stila Illuminating Foundation for its subtle glow. I used the foundation to brighten up a dull complexion in...

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Three Moisturizers to Replenish Summer Skin {American Beauty}

3 ways to replenish moisture by amariebeauty featuring Kiehl's face moisturizers The fun summer season can take a large toll on our skin.  From swimming, to sandals, and too much sun, our skin needs a little replenishment and attention in the heat of summer.  Here are three divine moisturizers for your face, body and feet, all made in the USA. Your feet:  Our feet bear the brunt of all we do.  In sandals, this can be very tiring on your soles.  To keep up a pretty looking pedicure, use moisturizer every day.  To keep rough spots from forming, use a pumice stone in the bath or shower.  Take extra time to pamper your feet weekly with a soak and top shelf moisturizer formulated especially for pedicures. Repechage Sea Spa Foot Cream.  Cools, soothes and relaxes tired feet.  Formulated with vitamins and oils to promote circulation, act as fungicide, and deeply moisturize.  This cream will help hold in moisture and create a barrier while it soothes and softens your feet.  The essential oils added are invigorating and aromatic.  The cream literally has a cooling effect that is very relaxing. Your body:  A little more skin is showing in these hot summer months.  To keep it soft, use a loofah to slough off dry skin daily, get a healthy glow with sunless tanner and keep it protected with a high SPF...

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American Beauty: Introducing Repêchage Skin Care

The Repêchage company story is one of rarity for a brand that has gone worldwide.  So many global companies take their manufacturing out of our country.  Every product Repêchage develops and manufactures is done in the United States in their 50,000 square foot manufacturing, research and development and training facility in Secaucus, NJ.  They share this belief and standard on their website “We believe in quality control and know every single ingredient that goes into our products. It's your skin. Don't compromise it.”  What better way to stand behind a strong statement than keeping everything centralized right here in America.       I have a personal connection to the Repêchage line.  As a student in esthetics, we studied their full product line. I learned much about the effectiveness of seaweed infused products and fell in love with the power of real active ingredients over chemical fillers.  Reading industry magazines, I also came to respect the founder, Lydia Sarfati, a huge inspiration.  Ms. Sarfati has produced videos, published books and led conferences.  She is also a contributing magazine editor.  She opened the Lydia Sarfati Post-Graduate School of Esthetics located in Secaucus, NJ and estheticians all over the world practice skin care based on her methods.  To say she is an expert in her field is an understatement.  She has proven to be a valued resource for the world of beauty...

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