Three Don't-Miss, End-of-Summer Tips: Made in USA Moisturizers for Face, Body & Feet.

The fun summer season can take a large toll on our skin.  From swimming, to sandals, and too much sun, our skin needs a little replenishment and attention in the heat of summer.  Here are three divine moisturizers for your face, body and feet, all made in the USA.

Your feet:  Our feet bear the brunt of all we do.  In sandals, this can be very tiring on your soles.  To keep up a pretty looking pedicure, use moisturizer every day.  To keep rough spots from forming, use a pumice stone in the bath or shower.  Take extra time to pamper your feet weekly with a soak and top shelf moisturizer formulated especially for pedicures.

Repechage Sea Spa Foot Cream.  Cools, soothes and relaxes tired feet.  Formulated with vitamins and oils to promote circulation, act as fungicide, and deeply moisturize.  This cream will help hold in moisture and create a barrier while it soothes and softens your feet.  The essential oils added are invigorating and aromatic.  The cream literally has a cooling effect that is very relaxing.

Your body:  A little more skin is showing in these hot summer months.  To keep it soft, use a loofah to slough off dry skin daily, get a healthy glow with sunless tanner and keep it protected with a high SPF for long periods of sun exposure.  To get that celebrity glow, try adding a body oil.

Badger Organic Damascus Rose Antioxidant Body Oil.  Oil is the purest skin moisturizer.  Simple, whole, organic plant oils are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, and are naturally good for your skin. Essential oil of Rose has been used to restore delicate skin, and is one of the most precious and expensive ingredients used by Badger.  A little goes a long way with this product.

Your face:  It gets the most unprotected sun exposure and faces all the elements head on, literally.  Keep it clean, use a purging mask 1-2 times a week, and hydrate well.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream.  This formula is a tried and true favorite.  The texture is light and comfortable and the effects are 24-hour.  It is formulated to protect against the elements of harsh weather conditions with protection against dryness.  It also provides naturally derived hydration.  The moisturizing properties in this cream help restore, replenish and heal the skin.

Check out our sunscreen picks for some made in the USA sun protection at its finest and keep enjoying this lovely season for all it's worth.

Tell us, what have you been up to this summer? And how has it affected your skin?

Angie Barnes
Beauty Editor, USA Love List
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