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10 American Made Gifts for Kids Under $10

Yes, it IS possible to find American made gifts for kids under $10! Here are USA Love List's top picks. 10 American Made Gifts for Kids Under $10 1. K'NEX building kits K'NEX sets make great gifts for kids that loves to build.  My kiddos both LOVE K'NEX and the pieces (made in Pennsylvania) fit with LEGOs pieces (NOT made in USA).  Make sure to check out our K'NEX review! Don't miss American Made Gifts for Kids That Like Legos.  2. The Audubon Bird Call For the kid that loves nature, the Audubon Bird Call makes a perfect gift! This bird...

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Gifts That Inspire Creativity and Learning in Kids of All Ages

Gifts that inspire creativity and learning are gifts that keep on giving. At any age, a toy that engages the mind and the hands of a child is the key, not only to learning and creativity, but to the realization of self potential. Every one of these gifts is Made in the USA, built to last, and safe. Gifts that inspire creativity and learning in Kids of all ages Gifts for Baby/Toddler: Wee Can Too art supplies. Wee Can Too offers tempera paint, finger paint, veggie crayons and chalk that are all safe enough for babies to use, as...

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The Best Gifts for Kids: Made in the USA

Looking for a unique gift that a child age 4-10 will LOVE? With two kids of my own in this age group, I know how difficult it is to find a gift that is fun, of great quality, AND made in the USA. Here is my latest list of the best gifts for kids, all American made. The Best Gifts for Kids: Made in the USA Whittle Shoreline Railroad Wooden Toy Trains Everyone knows a train fan! Since 1996, family owned Whittle Shoreline Railroad has been handcrafting wooden toy trains in Kirkwood, Missouri. Whittle Shoreline Railroad wooden trains are made to look like real...

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Tedco Toys: Science Toys for Kids of All ages {Review}

How often do you hear the words  “science” in toy commercials nowadays?  Not often, especially if the commercial is aimed at kids. When most kiddos hear the words  “science” next to the word “toy”, in a sentence, they immediately lose interest in said toy. In their minds, how can anything that sounds like learning, be fun! The American made science toys manufactured by TEDCO Toys can change that misconception.These toys show that science can be fun. TEDCO  (Teetor Engineering Development Company) was founded by the late Ralph Teetor, a highly regarded inventor. Mr. Teetor is most known for inventing...

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