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A 5 Year Old’s Take on “Made in the USA” & Politics {Video Visit}

Ever heard the advice, “never discuss politics with friends”? Well, what if you are married to that friend?? My husband and I never discussed politics until years AFTER we were married… lo and behold, we are opposite political parties! Not only that, but we are both now very active with those opposite parties. Needless to say, political discussions get VERY heated in our house! With our son getting older and asking more questions (and repeating at school what one or the other of us has said), we have had to take a step back and pay attention to what we say in front of him. As you can see from this video, he picks up on everything, even the snide remarks! Without further introduction, here is our son, age 5, talking about the importance of “made in the USA” products, and his synopsis of the Democrat and Republican parties with the aid of his Topozoo 3D Election Edition Toys that we introduced here on USA Love List on Friday and are currently giving away. Editors Note: Topozoo is actually pronounced Topo- zoo (as in the place where animals are). No matter how many times I corrected him in previous shots, my little guy insisted it was said his way 😉 I think I have a future politician on my hands! The Giveaway One of our readers will win their...

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Election Fun & Creative Play from Topozoo {Made in USA Giveaway}

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are over and people across the United States are deciding how they will cast their vote on November 6th.  The media is having a field day slamming one political party against another. If you have children at home, do they know what is going on? Have you tried to explain the 2 main political parties to them- if at all possible- in a non-biased way? Topozoo to the rescue! Topozoo has come out with Election Edition VOTE toys that can add some creative fun to the political education of your kids- and the adults get pretty creative with them too.   Topozoo is an offspring of Geared For Imagination, a company that specializes in creative play toys. The Demorcat Donkey and Republican Elephant are 3-D wood puzzles made right in Ohio. Not only are Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant made in the USA, but they are 100% Eco-friendly too! The wood used is locally produced in the USA, leaving a lower carbon footprint. The puzzle pieces are made from 100% post consumer wood fiber, which means that they are made from scraps leaving less trash for our landfills. The stains used are water based, non-toxic and contain no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds which omit gases), so the toys are safe for your kids to play with. They even come in recycled cages… I...

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Made in USA Review & Giveaway: Topozoo playsets bring out creativity in all ages

What would it look like if you set out to make a new line of toys that is endlessly creative for all ages, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and made of natural materials? Topozoo, a line from Geared For Imagination, has done just that by creating mix and match creatures for building, and layering. The Topozoo toy line is made in Ohio and I'm very excited because they have offered a Topozoo playset of your choice ($30 value) to one of our readers. Topozoo Playset Review “What's in the box?” asked my kids. “A monster making kit,” I replied casually.  Their eyebrows went up. “An American-made Monster Kit,” I explained.  My kids love it when they get to participate in product reviews.  To be honest, I wasn't sure what they would think of it. At 8 years and 11 years old, these kids assembled the Lego Millenium Falcon in a few hours, but they were nevertheless intrigued by the colors, shapes, and notches in the Topozoo playset.  Little brother out each monster together properly. Big sister took them apart and scrambled the parts.  “Can we paint them? Put glitter on them?!” [Note to parents, just say no when glitter is involved.] I suppose they could have, but I had plans to share these monsters, so I said no. When they got over their disappointment, they spotted the paper wings in the bottom of...

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