Ever heard the advice, “never discuss politics with friends”? Well, what if you are married to that friend?? My husband and I never discussed politics until years AFTER we were married… lo and behold, we are opposite political parties! Not only that, but we are both now very active with those opposite parties. Needless to say, political discussions get VERY heated in our house! With our son getting older and asking more questions (and repeating at school what one or the other of us has said), we have had to take a step back and pay attention to what we say in front of him. As you can see from this video, he picks up on everything, even the snide remarks!

Without further introduction, here is our son, age 5, talking about the importance of “made in the USA” products, and his synopsis of the Democrat and Republican parties with the aid of his Topozoo 3D Election Edition Toys that we introduced here on USA Love List on Friday and are currently giving away.

Editors Note: Topozoo is actually pronounced Topo- zoo (as in the place where animals are). No matter how many times I corrected him in previous shots, my little guy insisted it was said his way 😉 I think I have a future politician on my hands!

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