What would it look like if you set out to make a new line of toys that is endlessly creative for all ages, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and made of natural materials? Topozoo, a line from Geared For Imagination, has done just that by creating mix and match creatures for building, and layering. The Topozoo toy line is made in Ohio and I'm very excited because they have offered a Topozoo playset of your choice ($30 value) to one of our readers.

Topozoo Playset Review

“What's in the box?” asked my kids. “A monster making kit,” I replied casually.  Their eyebrows went up. “An American-made Monster Kit,” I explained.  My kids love it when they get to participate in product reviews.  To be honest, I wasn't sure what they would think of it. At 8 years and 11 years old, these kids assembled the Lego Millenium Falcon in a few hours, but they were nevertheless intrigued by the colors, shapes, and notches in the Topozoo playset.  Little brother out each monster together properly. Big sister took them apart and scrambled the parts.  “Can we paint them? Put glitter on them?!” [Note to parents, just say no when glitter is involved.] I suppose they could have, but I had plans to share these monsters, so I said no. When they got over their disappointment, they spotted the paper wings in the bottom of the box, inviting them to decorate, create their own layers, or print more out from the Topozoo website. That's when they really got creative, sandwiching funny and colorful paper layers to give the the monsters some flair.

A few days later, I asked them to put the monsters back in their box and I was pleased to note that they come in a nice, sturdy cardboard box that tucks closed and is not too crammed that kids can't clean up themselves. [Note to toy companies: this kind of packaging should be required of all toys.] We brought the playset to our three year old cousin who also thoroughly enjoyed putting the monsters together then rearranging them.  The monsters were not scary in the least. They wore calm, peaceful, beachy colors which made me think that one of these playsets might make a clever gift for a new baby. They could start off as baby room d├ęcor, serve several years of imaginative play and, if we are being honest, probably meet their doom ten years later in a pile of tempera and glitter. There are worse fates for a monster.

Note to USA Love List fans: when you go to the Topozoo website, you may wander into the larger Geared For Imagination site. Geared for Imagination carries a lovely selection of engaging, educational toys, but not all are made in the USA. However, the entire Topozoo line is American-made.  Please show them your USA Love by letting them know what you think of their efforts to be made in America.

Topozoo Playset Giveaway

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