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Jewelry We Love: Ultimate Source Guide for American Made Jewelry

I'm pretty excited to share all the made in USA jewelry brands that we love! I've talked about taking small steps to buy made in USA goods when possible. Why not commit to making all your gift purchases made in the USA? If you're in the market for a gift for your girlfriend, mother or other female friend, here are our suggestions for American made jewelry. American Made Jewelry That We Love TevaJane: Nature Inspired  Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry TevaJane nature inspired precious metal jewelry is designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Tennessee. Jewelry pieces from TevaJane are all...

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Four Sources For American Made Diamond Jewelry

Fine diamond jewelry and engagement rings are not usually associated with American manufacturing but a growing trend of modern designers are choosing to bring their jewelry manufacturing in-house to their production studios right here in the USA. Don't miss Jewelry We Love: The Ultimate Source Guide for American Made Jewelry Why Buy American Made Diamond Jewelry? In uncertain economic times, the best way to support American prosperity and ensure a robust economic future for the country is to buy goods that are produced right here at home. This can sometimes be challenging, but your support of American made products has several benefits...

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