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5 Healthy Practices to Follow During the Cold and Flu Season PLUS A Ginger Tea Recipe

Cold and flu season is here with a vengeance! Now is the time to make sure we have preventative practices in place to ensure that our household isn't attacked by these nasty viruses.  By making an effort to stick to the following healthy habits, I know I can make an impact on the health of my family when it comes to food preparation, household purchases, and daily cleaning.  5 Healthy Practices to Follow During the Cold and Flu Season 1. Wash hands (and hand towels) frequently. The best way to prevent your family from getting the cold or flu is to...

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American Made Bathroom Essentials We Love

We can all support the made in USA movement one item at a time by making a commitment to purchase American made items instead of similar items manufactured overseas when they are available.  Recently, many items in my bathroom needed replacing, and finding high quality American made bathroom essentials turned out to be easier than I thought. Here are several items that I found. American made bathroom essentials we love American Craft towels at Bed Bath & Beyond are 100% grown, woven and sewn in the United States. These luxurious towels are made with exclusive Sweet South Cotton, grown in the southern USA, a region that is...

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How to Shop Online For American Made Products

Shopping for American made products can be done online.  You can't read the label, but better yet, you can filter your search results to show only “made in USA” items.  Many online retailers have chosen to add “American made” or “made in USA” as a searchable function.  This simplifies buying American made from shops that are not exclusively selling domestic goods.  Clicking and shopping a page directed to only made in USA products shows retail companies that this is important to you the consumer. Here on USA Love List we feature many brands manufacturing entirely in the USA.  We...

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