Now more than ever, we are looking for ways to help our neighbors, strengthen our communities, and create meaningful holiday memories for our loved ones. There is power in your purchases.  Let's make this the year that we put a serious effort into buying American made gifts.  It doesn't have to be all of them… just buying some makes a difference.

Buy Gifts Made in the USA

An ABC News study indicated that spending just a little bit, even buying one or two gifts made in the USA, could have a profound effect on the American economy. It could give your neighbor a job. It could give your town a new business.

Americans spend an average of $700 on holiday shopping. If we spend just $64 on items made in the USA, we could create over 200,000 jobs. Are you with us? Will you try to buy American this year?

Are American Made products more expensive?

Sometimes, items made here cost a little more because American manufacturers pay workers a fair wage and maintain safe working conditions. You don't want your holiday merriment to come on the back of an exploited child.  However, often Made in USA products are priced the same as imported choices (which makes you wonder where those profits are going?).  Whenever you can, take the time to seek out a high quality, domestically produced item.

This season, the USA Love List team has collected the latest deals on American made products for you.  Will you show a little love to these companies that are keeping jobs in the USA and ALSO offering a discount for our readers? We'll be sharing this list of deals on American Made gifts throughout the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend and on through the holiday season.

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Start Shopping American Made

Why is it so hard to buy American? We're trying to fix that. Depending on what you are looking for, you'll find several ways to find what you're looking for.

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American made gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Did you buy an American made gift this year?  Tell us what you're giving in the comments below. We won't tell!