We want to give our readers a heads up to keep an eye out for this week's TIME Magazine with a cover story about the comeback of American manufacturing. It is news that any regular reader of this site will be encouraged (but perhaps not surprised) to hear.  The articles, linked below, are not all available online unless you are a subscriber, but the excerpts might be enough to hold you over until you see a copy on the newsstand.

Made in the USA

By Rana Foroohar and Bill Saporito

“Against all odds, manufacturing is staging a comeback. Why it's rebounding — and what it means for jobs and the economy.”

How Made in USA is Making a Comeback

By Rana Foroohar

“American workers are busy making things that customers around the world want to buy — and defying the narrative of the nation’s supposedly inevitable manufacturing decline.”

Made in America, Again

By Richard Stengel

“There is a manufacturing renaissance going on in America. That's the good news. The less than stellar news is that it will not necessarily translate into a jobs renaissance.”