Finding high-quality home goods made in the USA can be tricky in our global market.  Looking for the perfect set of sheets adds layers of things to consider and Authenticity50 has simplified it with a beautifully crafted product.

Their 100% ‘seed-to-stitch' production process is remarkable.  Their California grown cotton comes from San Joaquin Valley, just a few hours from Authenticity50 headquarters.  Every step of the manufacturing process is done domestically.

Made in USA sheets by Authenticity 50 American Grown Cotton

After spending just a few minutes on their website as a consumer, my knowledge about the sheet industry grew.  They have broken things down simply on their website which is a beautifully designed platform.  I encourage you to visit them at their online market place.

They have chosen to sell directly to consumers which saves us money from the mark up of a retail store or distributor.  In doing this, they have made sure, when you land on their page, your shopping experience is wonderful from the facts and layout to the gorgeous images.

American Made Luxury Sheets From Authenticity 50


  • They are made from Supima cotton on a family-owned and operated farm, only 3% of USA grown cotton is of this variety.
  • All of their sheets are percale which is easy to care for, durable, breathable, and the longer you use them the softer they get.
  • These sheets have no formaldehyde-based wrinkle treatment.  (Don't worry the sheets smooth out on a made bed and you will not be wrapped in toxin!)
  • Rather than boasting a high thread count usually obtained by weaving together cheap threads they use the “honest 250”.  This means their count is a high-quality single ply of premium, durable thread.
  • The sheets and duvet are offered in white AND gray! 

Get all the details straight from them, here.


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Authenticity 50 - Made in USA, Formaldehyde-Free Sheets

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