Jill Homiak

I live in Alexandria, Virginia, right outside the nation’s capital. Even though I live in the city I call my hometown, I’ve traveled the globe – exploring many cities and discovering various cultures. I grew up through travel, including visiting family in Italy, exploring Rastafarian culture alongside my dad, a cultural anthropologist, and studying Italian at Vermont’s Middlebury College. Most of my travel adventures relate to fashion and food – I spent a short period living in Milan, arguably the world’s leading style mecca with some of the best cuisine.

When I’m not traveling or learning about the latest fashion trends, you can find me in the kitchen trying a new recipe or cooking one of my grandmother’s famous Italian dishes. I enjoy creating new adventures, laughing, and celebrating life with my closest friends and identical twin sister!

I’ve been working with USA Love List since February 2012  and I’ve been featured in SHAPE Magazine, Inc.com and AMEX Open Form for my fashion, Pinterest and Facebook advice, respectively. I’d love to connect with you, so be sure to reach out with questions, comments or ideas!

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Jill Homiak

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