Giveaway: Heirloom Quality Crosby & Taylor Pewter Measuring Cups

Crosby + Taylor measuring cups | made in USA | heirloom quality baking necessities

Have you been doing any baking lately? Are memories made in your kitchen? If so, we are excited to introduce you to Crosby & Taylor, makers of fine pewter gift items, with whom we are teaming up with for this week’s giveaway.

Made in Oregon, Crosby & Taylor Pewter Goods

Led by designer/owner Deborah Chapman, Crosby & Taylor has been producing artisan pewter goods in Eugene, Oregon since 1986. Crosby & Taylor offers a great selection of hand cast and hand finished pewter kitchen items, decorative hardware, small gifts, and Christmas items that make unique gifts that your loved ones will surely cherish for years.

Why do we love Crosby & Taylor?

  • All Crosby & Taylor items are made from American pewter, not “Mexican Pewter” which is aluminum.
  • The pewter is made mostly from tin with small amounts of antinomy and copper.
  • All pewter used is lead free and food safe.
  • Crosby & Taylor items are handcrafted in Oregon from pewter made in Rhode Island.
  • Crosby & Taylor items are unique, high quality, and are sure to be passed on for generations.

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Crosby & Taylor Signature item: Handcrafted Pewter Measuring Cups

The Crosby & Taylor signature items are their American pewter measuring cups and measuring spoons.  Crosby & Taylor measuring cups come in a variety of designs. I received a set of the Roman measuring cups to review.  The four piece measuring cup set is gorgeous and belongs hanging on my kitchen wall, and not shoved in a drawer when not in use.

Crosby & Taylor American pewter measuring cups

The sturdy, hand hammered measuring cups have the sizes (1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cup) clearly marked on the back.  These heirloom quality measuring cups are sure to be passed down to my daughter.

Crosby & Taylor pewter gift items | Roman Measuring Cups


One lucky winner will receive a set of Crosby & Taylor American Pewter Roman Measuring Cups set of 4 pieces, valued at $89.

Enter to win Crosby & Taylor pewter measuring cups | Made in USA

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Crosby & Taylor pewter measuring cups | Made in Oregon

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love.

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  1. I always try to buy products made in the US & handmade usually means more attention to detail & quality standards.

  2. Better quality from handmade products as each are personally inspected as made.

  3. vera wilson says:

    These would look nice on my counter. Thanks for the chance.

  4. Sharon Rooney says:

    I would love to win because these are just beautiful and would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  5. Sharon Rooney says:

    I looked around the web sight and I especially like Crosby & Taylor’s Dragonfly Measuring Cups.

  6. I would love to win because I enjoy using beautiful implements in my kitchen.

  7. Crosby and Taylor’s products are ones I can hand down to my daughter. They’re just all so lovely.

  8. I buy American made to support American workers and businesses.

  9. Diana M Ingraham says:

    Look more and more for products made in the USA. Crosby and Taylor’s measuring would be wonderful addition to my kitchen if I won.

  10. I love made in USA products. These measuring cups are more beautiful than any I have ever seen.

  11. I love the look and style of the Pair of Leaf Spoons from their catalog.

  12. I want to win because I love working with beautiful equipment when I cook and bake.

  13. I always try to buy American to support our local economy.

  14. always try to buy American made products. Always made better and in support of trade and comer e in our country.

  15. Mahdi Martin says:

    I love how well these are crafted. They would make a wonderful gift.

  16. If I won, I’d gift these to my write my wife who is an amazing baker!

  17. Love buying unique products crafted by small manufacturers and crafts people

  18. I love how beautiful and functional these are! And made in my home state

  19. I would like to win because their products are unique and beautiful. They’d be wonderful to work with in my kitchen.

  20. Love the coffee scoops at their site, especially the Bird Coffee Scoop with tiny hook.

  21. I buy American because I believe in the American economy and products over foreign ones.

  22. I want to win because I think they’re gorgeous!

  23. Their products are so beautiful. I especially like the Fleur de Lys Spoon Rest (and many of the others!)

  24. It’s important to me to try and always buy American because I am proud of our country and show my pride by my purchase choices.

  25. Love the uniqueness of their products and would really enjoy the fish measuring spoons for use with my baking.

  26. I buy American made products when I can to support American business.

  27. I want to win because these would be so cool to use in my kitchen.

  28. There’s nothing like beautiful kitchen utensils! I’d love to add these to my kitchen

  29. I just love the hammered look of these measuring cups! They would be perfect for a rustic kitchen

  30. I like buying American made and supporting the economies closest to me

  31. I would like to win because I love the quality handmade pieces.

  32. Another piece I would like to own is the
    Fleur de Lys Salt Spoon, so very pretty!

  33. I try to buy American when I can because I feel it’s important to support American business.

  34. I want to win because I love the design and style of these measuring cups.

  35. I checked out their key racks and I would love to have the Fox key rack. Very cute!

  36. I like supporting small manufacturers and getting unique products like this! That’s one reason I buy American made

  37. I love Crosby and Taylor’s honeybee spoon rest. So cute! Love the bees!

  38. I want to win because these a gorgeous as well as functional.

  39. I like their Honeybee Measuring Spoons

  40. I buy US made because it is good for the economy

  41. I want to win because they are function and beauty combined.

  42. I like their Dragonfly Spoon Rest

  43. I buy American made to support our economy

  44. I want to win because they a beautiful.

  45. The Flowers Key Rack is really nice.

  46. I buy American to support American jobs

  47. I love the uniqueness and heirloom quality of these beautiful utensils.

  48. I buy American made to support to support local and state economies

  49. I’d like to win because their products are heirloom quality

  50. I really like their Grapes/Vineyard Super Post Set

  51. Buying American made supports all Americans and their families

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