Today I am excited to share with you a company you may not have heard of, but they will probably have a big impact on your next hotel visit. Do you hunt for the “Made in USA” label wherever you go? You are quite likely to find it next time you stay in a hotel thanks to Marietta Hospitality, especially if you check out the hotel personal care products. This company is quietly manufacturing and supplying our hotels with high quality personal care amenities made in America.  This choice has been made due to their dedication to environmental, economic and social implications.  They are making a big impact on the industry by making their products right here in the USA.

Just last week, USA Love List founder Sarah Wagner spotted these Made in USA amenities at a Courtyard by Marriott.


Supplying hotels is no tiny order. It creates huge demand.  This gives them opportunity to truly make a difference when making manufacturing decisions.  Keeping things made domestically provides jobs to our workforce and contributes to local economies.  Additionally, by operating here, they are reducing energy usage and resource expenditure.  Marietta Hospitality accomplished that simply by choosing not to outsource.

Staying in America is not the only thing contributing to this company's sustainable manufacturing practices.  They also employ active measures by:

  • Offering their customers sustainable packaging options.
  • Keeping a strong focus on recycling impact.
  • Optimizing their manufacturing waste for recycling, reducing and reusing.
  • Reducing utility usage.

Marietta Hospitality Personal Care Hotel Amenities Made in the USA

Marietta offers the largest selection of green amenities in the business.  They choose to align themselves with companies who have the same vision and values.  In doing so, they are focused on developing earth friendly practices for generations to come.

Their brands are the kind of products you would choose to stock in your home.  This is definitely a much appreciated amenity when you are traveling.  A comfortable bed after a refreshing shower equipped with high quality products makes or breaks your stay.  Marietta Hospitality has made their mark to ensure the best experience. Their clients' accommodations are sure to please guests.

Check their website for a list of hotels to support their efforts on providing sustainable, made in the USA amenities.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love.