How I Made My Least Favorite Household Chore Easier With an American-made Travel Steamer I Love

Jiffy Steamer Co. Made in USA Garment Steamer

Is ironing also your least favorite household chore? It is totally mine! I’d go to any lengths not to iron. As much as I dislike ironing, it would be quite unstylish to wear wrinkled clothing. While there’s really no way around ironing, I did find a shortcut. I know many irons have a steam function, but it’s not really a valuable setting. The iron is too heavy to hold in the way you would hold a steamer and it isn’t as effective as a steamer. Fortunate for us, there’s an American made appliance from Jiffy Steamer that skips the task of ironing and makes looking good so much easier.


Jiffy Handheld Travel Steamer Made in USA

The ESTEAM® Hand-Held Travel steamer is the world’s most powerful hand-held steamer. It’s for traveling or light touch-up use between wears. It is so easy to use too. Just twist off the top of the steamer and fill it with water. You can steam a good amount of clothing, about eight shirts, since the steamer  holds 8 ounces of water. Since the steamer  is equipped with a 600 watt heating element, it heats water within 1 minute. I used it while I was traveling and I love it. I would have actually had to use an iron without it!

The ESTEAM® Hand-Held Travel steamer is perfect for the road warrior or for those whose space is a premium. As someone who travels internationally, I love that the steamer comes with an optional converter for overseas use. Thank goodness for Jiffy ESTEAM® Hand-Held Travel steamer.  How cool that it is made in Tennessee!


Jiffy Handheld Travel Steamer Made in USA


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  1. Very cool. Love their graphic.
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  2. Steaming is so much esaier than ironing, especially when you have ruching or draping on a dress or any kind or ornamentation like beads. Great find!
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