Sometimes, we all feel the need for more protein. Or we need a handy, low carb, no sugar added snack. Or we just love meaty meat. We know. We've got you. It was a lot of chewing, but we've made a list of the most unique American made best jerky options. Jerky is one of the most American snacks ever! Enjoy.

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Best Jerky Made in the USA: Unique Jerky Brands We Love

Whole30 Approved and Paleo Jerky Options

You might be surprised to know that sugar, MSG, and other additives are found in most meat snacks and sticks. Bursting with flavor, soft in texture, with the perfect “snap, Chomps  Hoppin’ Jalapeño meat snacks are a must on the Whole30. They are made from 100% Grass-Fed non-GMO beef, jalapeño peppers, water, salt, citric acid, celery juice, black pepper, red pepper, garlic powder, coriander and stuffed in a collagen casing. I’m normally not a fan of jalapeño, but these have the perfect amount of kick without being overly spicy. In fact, they are my favorite flavor.

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Best Jerky: Chomps Whole30, Paleo, Gluten-Free Beef Sticks #usalovelisted #paleo #glutenfree

Circle B Ranch brings you its newest product, Big John’s Hawaiian Pork Snack SticksThey are super flavorful and the most moist and tender jerky sticks I've eaten, which I appreciate. With ingredients only including Pork (from free-roaming Heritage Berkshire/Kurabota hogs), Dried Pineapple, Salt, Spices, Onion and Garlic Powder, Celery Powder, and Lactic Acid Started Culture, these sticks are perfect for the Whole30. They have 5g of protein, 90 calories, 170 mg sodium and no carbs or sugar making them a great source of healthy fats perfect for the Keto diet. There are no add any hormones or use antibiotics and they are 100% American made, from Missouri. NOTE: The Nitrite Free Bacon Snack Stick and Nitrite Free Jalapeño Bacon Snack Stick contain added sugar, not compliant with the Whole30. 

Circle B Ranch, located in Seymour, Missouri, was started in 2009 by Marina and John Backes. The couple relocated from Branchburg, New Jersey to the lush rolling hills of the Ozark countryside in southwest Missouri. They were looking for the perfect weather for raising Heritage Berkshire/Kurabota hogs. This clean and natural environment allows the hogs to graze freely on the lush pastures and roam the woods foraging for nuts and acorns, while also allowing them to be free from any additional hormones and antibiotics from their fed. Marina and John raise the hogs using sustainable and humane production methods that adhere to the Certified Humane Raised and Handled and Animal Welfare Approved standards of operation.Whole30 Meat Snack Sticks from Circle B Ranch - Made in USA - Made in Missouri

Wild Zora Meat & Veggie Bars are the perfect on-the-go Whole30, AIP compliant, paleo snacks. These meat and veggie bars are grain-, gluten-, soy-, nut-, and dairy-free and made with grass-fed beef that is free of antibiotics or hormones. The Chili Beef is one of my favorites and made with grass-fed beef, organic fruits and vegetables (red bell pepper, apricots, dates, kale, garlic, and onion), spices, cayenne pepper, sea salt and celery powder. Wild Zora bars are made in Colorado. 15% off with code USALOVE. One time use per customer with no expiration date.

Best Jerky: American Made Paleo Gifts - Wild Zora Paleo Meat and Veggie Snacks #paleo #usalovelisted

Biltong, or dried beef slices, are traditional beef delicacies which originated in South Africa. Traditional Cut Biltong from Jonty Jacobs famous beef grass-fed Biltong slices are traditionally cut to include a fine layer of fat which maintains the meat's tender flavor. The jerky is made from fine cuts of beef which are rubbed with vinegar & spices before being hung to naturally dry which maintains the meat's natural, tender flavor. The meat is tender, flavorful, and really lean. We're sure you'll love it as much as we did. It's free of additives, colorings, MSG, or nitrates.

Best Jerky: Jonty Jones Biltong |Made in New York #whole30 #paleo #usalovelisted

Paleo Jerky Options

Try the unadulterated pure Primal Smoke Beef Jerky from Appalachian Jerky. The flavor is unique in that it contains no soy sauce, preservatives, or sugar, like most jerky options. Its just top round beef, chilis, vinegar, salt, garlic, onion pepper, red pepper, and real hickory smoke. All the jerky is made in Vermont using USA-sourced beef and vacuum sealed to extend the shelf life without artificial preservatives. Two friends, Ron Myrick and Doug Labb started Appalachian Jerky outside Brighton, Massachusetts. Show these boys some love.

Best Jerky: Unique Jerky Brands To Celebrate National Jerky Day, Including Appalachian Jerky Soy-Free Jerky #usalovelisted

Kooee!‘s Smoked Chipotle with Apple is the perfect marriage of dried fruit, raw nuts and seeds, cacao nibs, and savory jerky, making for an amazing jerky snack option. Kooee! cures its 100% grass-fed meat with coconut aminos, apple cider vinegar, jalapeño pepper, spices, sea salt, and smoked paprika. It's legit.

 Best Jerky: Unique Jerky Brands To Celebrate National Jerky Day from Kooee #paleo #glutenfree #usalovelisted

Go back to the basics with 100% Grass-Fed Jerky from The New Primal. It's made with beef raised without hormones and anti-biotics, and is made with gluten-free tamari, honey, pineapple and lemon juice, garlic powder, liquid smoke, onion, pepper, and ginger.Best Jerky: Paleo Jerky Options via Including New Primal Jerky #paleo #usalovelisted

All Other Jerky Options

Circle B Ranch brings you its newest product including its Nitrite Free Bacon Snack StickNitrite Free Jalapeño Bacon Snack Stick, and Big John’s Hawaiian Pork Snack Sticks. These sticks contain no high fructose corn syrup, red dye, nitrates, or sodium benzoate. Circle B Ranch uses only the good stuff to go into these delicious Bacon Snack Sticks! They have 5g of protein, 90 calories, 170 mg sodium and no carbs or sugar making them a great source of healthy fats perfect for the Keto diet. There are no add any hormones or use antibiotics, and they are 100% American made, from Missouri.

Whole30 Meat Snack Sticks from Circle B Ranch - Made in USA - Made in Missouri

Curl up to some soft, flavorful Hearty Chili Beef Jerky from Captain Jake's Jerky. It tastes just like you're eating a bowl of chili. I love that it has just the right about of heat to bring out the flavor, without being overpowering. Captain Jake's gourmet beef jerky is made using Black Angus beef with no added preservatives, MSG, nitrates, or sodium.

Best Jerky: Unique Jerky Brands To Celebrate National Jerky Day, Including Captain Jakes Jerky in Hearty Chili Flavor #usalovelisted

Country Archer Turkey Meat Sticks have great flavor and texture. They are made from antibiotics and hormone free turkey They are gluten-, nitrate-, and sugar-free. Made with turkey, water, turkey stock, sea salt, encapsulated lactic acid, celery juice powder, rosemary, basil, thyme, dehydrated carrot, garlic, and onion powders, and beef collagen casing, these sticks are flavorful and juicy.

 Country Archer Turkey Rosemary Meat Steaks - Whole30, Paleo, No Sugar, Soy, Gluten Jerky

The softest jerky I found was from Dried & TrueIt starts with 100% California-raised beef, and isn't made with preservatives, nitrates/nitrites, high fructose corn syrup, or MSG. It's pretty easy to throw back the entire bag in one sitting. Please don't judge.

Best Jerky: Unique Jerky From Dried and True Jerky via #usalovelisted #healthysnacks

I'm a big fan of this flavorful gluten-, nitrate-, and soy-free Field Trip Maple BBQ Pork Jerky. True to the brand's Vermont roots, it's made with pure maple syrup among other pure ingredients including, pork, tomato paste, water, pure maple syrup, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, salt, granulated onion, natural hickory liquid smoke, chipotle chili powder.Gluten- and Soy- Free Jerky From Field Trip - American Made JerkyWhat's better than beer and jerky? Craft Beer Jerky from Jerky's Gourmet of San Diego. This jerky is marinated in domestic pale ale and made with 100% grass-fed beef.

Best Jerky: Unique Jerky From Jerkys Gourmet of San DIego, Like Craft Jerky made with Pale Ale via #usalovelisted

If you're more into drinking spirits, I highly recommend Honey Bourbon jerky from True Gentlemen's Jerky. This jerky is bursting with flavor. It's only slightly sweet from the honey, while the Bourbon adds a bold, and lightly smokey bite. All True Gentlemen's Jerky is made in San Diego, California.

Best Jerky: True Jerky Honey Bourbon Brisket Beef Jerky

It's not called House of Jerky for nothing. If you're looking for exotic jerky options, like Wild Boar, Mako Shark, or Snapping Turtle, you'll find a plethora of options and flavors. If you like heat, you'll love the Hot Buffalo jerky. It offers just the right amount of heat without overpowering your tastebuds, and its the perfect texture, without being too salty. I love that this jerky is preservative free too. House of Jerky has been making jerky in Indiana since 1993.

While I'm not a fan of kimchi, I really like the flavors of Kimchi Jerky from Jerkface. It's not too spicy, and it offers a great texture and with complex flavors.

For the very adventurous eater, try Alligator Jerky from Mountain America. If you're wondering what alligator tastes like, well, you know what they say, it tastes like chicken. Unlike other alligator jerkies, this is not a sausage-like product. It’s 100% solid strips of alligator meat and it's never treated with growth hormones or steroids. This jerky is also preservative-free with no MSG, nitrates, or other fillers.

Best Jerky: Unique Jerky From Mountain America Jerky, Like Alligator Jerky via #usalovelisted

Get added energy from the guarana in Jamaican Style Turkey Jerky from Perky Jerky. This jerky is soft, chewy, and bursting with flavor from the blend of jerky spices.

Full of flavor, and packed with 18 grams of protein, the Orange Ginger Salmon Jerky from Ruby Bay Jerky is a great option for fish lovers. It's made with wild salmon, salt, brown sugar, orange, ginger, corn syrup solids, natural cherry, and alder wood smoke.

Best jerky: Unique Jerky From Ruby Bay - Orange Ginger Salmon Jerky via #usalovelisted

Best Jerky: Unique Jerky Brands To Celebrate National Jerky Day #usalovelisted #paleo #glutenfree

Image Credit: Captain Jake's Jerky