Have you ever wondered what's made in Alaska? Alaska is the Last Frontier. Its most famous products are related to mining and fishing. Who hasn’t heard of Alaska’s oil and gas, copper, gold, jade, some of the cleanest coal on Earth, or salmon? Here I want to highlight a couple of products made in Alaska. You might never have guessed that some of these items are made in Alaska. In some cases, you would probably never think that they even would find customers! Be ready for a surprise or two.

Things We Love, Made in Alaska

Did we miss your favorite made in Alaska product? Let us know in the comments below and we will add it to the list.

Things We Love: Made in Alaska #usalovelisted #MadeinAlaska
McKinley peak
Nicole Molders of High Latitude Style
Nicole Mölders is married, has one cat, and no kids. She is a fashion, and science enthusiast from Fairbanks, Alaska, and author of two books on atmospheric sciences. She is the blogger of High Latitude Style – an Alaska fashion blog with science bits for the stylish 40+ woman.
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