USA Love List has a BIG announcement! We are excited to introduce the newest member of our team: Beauty Editor, Angie Barnes.  Angie is a trained esthetician with a special interest in researching beauty products. We feel she is just the person to find American-made products of excellence and give us good girlfriend tips on how to use them.  Angie will be taking us into the weekend with Made in USA beauty products and advice every Friday.  

Mainstream Beauty
Mainstream Beauty by amariebeauty featuring stila foundation
Welcome to my weekly American Beauty feature here on USA Love List!  I am an Esthetician with an expertise in product and ingredient knowledge.  I also post regularly on my own site, Amarie Beauty  where I share practical beauty, DIY routines and quick tips.  Each week here on USA Love List, you can expect product information on new and favorite American-made brands.  I’ll be posting current beauty tips and trends, featuring all products manufactured in the USA.
The packages and products above are all ones you probably recognize because they are all readily available at major big box stores and pharmacies.  People say that nothing is made in America anymore, but in beauty products, quality and purity of ingredients are crucial. Many major manufacturers of personal care products and cosmetics are still supporting American workers by keeping their production right here in the USA. Here are some of my easy-to-find favorites:
* Coach Poppy.  Tones of Peony make this a perfect springtime scent.  It’s light, bright and fun.
* Burt’s Bee’s Tinted Lip Balm.  A perfect combo of lip care and color.
* Orly Nail Color.  One of my personal favorite polishes.  The handle is designed for easy application and the formula is so smooth.
* Stila Illuminating Foundation.  A light foundation with medium coverage.  Makes a good choice for warmer months.
* Cover Girl Cheekers.  Trusted Cover Girl brand, so affordable and highly pigmented.
* Renpure Organics.  Organic, sulfate free shampoo for around $6!  It is effective and smells fantastic.
Did you know that it is optional for companies to print “made in the USA” on the label if it was manufactured here but it is state and federal law to note the country of origin if it is manufactured outside of America?  A rep for P&G tells me the label is still the best resource for consumers trying to determine where a product was made.   Or you can ask me and I'll do my best to help you find the best in American Beauty.
Angie Barnes, founder, Amarie Beauty
and Beauty Editor, USA Love List