In honor of Manufacturing Day, which is recognized nationally on the first Friday in October, we will be spotlighting companies that have been growing while manufacturing their products in the USA. Many states actually recognize the whole month of October as Manufacturing Month.  Manufacturing Day was started in 2012 to address common misconceptions of the manufacturing industry and to educate the public (especially students) on the need for skilled workers to strengthen the American manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are holding open houses on Friday, October 5th, and throughout the month of October. You can find a Manufacturing Day event in your state on the MFG Day website.

Manufacturing Day Spotlight on American Towel Manufacturer 1888 Mills

1888 Mills American made towels are a USA Love List favorite.  Their towels are high quality, easily accessible, and affordable.  They have a factory in Griffin, Georgia where they are instrumental in the economy.

1888 Mills is one of the last remaining towel manufacturers in the USA and has been continuously making made in USA towels in Griffin, Georgia since, well, 1888. It employs over 200 people at its facilities in Griffin, which is about an hour outside of Atlanta.

The stories of Griffin and 1888 Mills are so intertwined, they are one and the same. Griffin has been a great place for 1888 Mills production and its employees for the last 129 years. While the town is focused around the mill, it's a representation of growth and American innovation. Learn more about 1888 Mills towel manufacturing technology and innovation in the short video below.

Made in USA Towels: American Craft by 1888 Mills

American Craft line of 1888 Mills towels are 100% grown, woven and sewn in the United States from Sweet South Cotton. This cotton is grown in the southern USA, a region that is considered to be the jewel of the cotton belt. From the seed that is planted, to the cotton harvested, American farmers carefully cultivate the cotton to make sure only the finest quality is used. American Craft is a celebration of pride and excellence. Every towel is manufactured by 1888 Mills in Griffin, Georgia with genuine craftsmanship that has been handed down from generation to generation. Learn more about Sweet South Cotton in the short video below.

Know that when you purchase 1888 Mills' American Craft towels, you’re not only supporting the town of Griffin and all those 200+ employees who work to bring you the best of American craftsmanship, but you are also supporting the American agriculture and the farmers that grow and harvest the cotton.  These jobs support families and provide purchasing power needed to fuel the US economy. American Craft made in USA towels are found exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love. Cover photo and video courtesy of 1888 Mills.