When I introduced the Evande Beautifying Trio I briefly covered how the system works.  I explained a little about how to use each of their three products (Gentle Facial Cleanser & Makeup  Remover, Alcohol Free Pore Minimizing Toner and Oil Free Face & Neck Moisturizer) in a video. Today's video will showcase the benefits of using facial toner.

Benefits of using facial toner

Cleanser and moisturizer are the basic products that most everyone uses.   Steps beyond that can start to get confusing for many people, while others may not want to add any extra steps.   Using toner can fall in this category.   Toner of the past was only used on oily skin and for acne.  Today's toner caters to all skin types.

[youtube http://youtu.be/ccfcKURbSt8?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

The Evande Alcohol Free Pore Minimizing Toner is a skin balancing toner.  It has ingredients to both keep skin clean, clear, radiant and hydrated.


  • Rejuvinate the skin.  elderflower, lemon
  • Tone the skins pores.  orange
  • Regulate sebum production.  witch hazel, lemon
  • Protect the skin as an anti-oxidant.  bilberry, st. johns wart
  • Balance and draw in hydration from moisturizer.  aloe vera, mallow

It really is an easy addition in that all you have to do is spritz it onto your skin between cleansing and moisturizing.


  • glowing skin
  • tighter pores
  • reduced blackheads
  • balanced hydration
  • primer for makeup
  • anti – oxidants to fight environmental damage

This one bottle of toner gives you so many additional skin care benefits all for adding just one 3 second step.  An easy addition.

Do you use toner? Why or why not? Have I convinced you to give it a try? Do tell.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love.