To minimize your chance of having broken capillaries as your skin ages, there are a few things you can do. Here's how to prevent them or keep them from worsening.

Broken capillaries can't always be prevented because some are caused by skin conditions, such as Rosacea.  Heredity is also believed to be a factor and is more often referred to as Telangiectasia, the medical term for broken capillaries.  Excessive alcohol drinking can also play a part in the dilation of the capillaries, making them visible.  If the dilation and retraction are frequent enough it will cause them to be permanently visible.

Another factor is the natural thinning of the skin as we age.  This just makes them more visible as our facial walls are weakened.


  • Do not wash your face with water that is too hot.
  • Take care not to scrub to aggressively or use products that are too abrasive.
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun.

I recommend the Brightening Peeling Gel by Ebanel for the enzyme exfoliation.


Use warm water and soft cloths to remove makeup and cleanse your face.  Opt for an enzymatic exfoliation system over a physical (gritty) scrub type.  As with everything maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will also show outwardly on your face.


In some cases, people will see a dermatologist to have the broken capillaries treated by laser but most commonly people minimize the look of them on their own using makeup.

A green-tinted moisturizer or face primer is ideal.  Using a  full coverage, creamy concealer on the most visible redness to even out the skin tone.  Apply the tinted primer all over your face for an even cast, unless your redness is truly targeted in only one spot (such as the nose) then you may want to spot cover.  Follow that up by using your fingertip to dab the concealer on top of problem areas.  Blend the edges for a natural and cohesive look.I recommend Smashbox Even Skin Tone Primer and Hard Candy Glamofauge Concealer

This post is part of on ongoing anti-aging series.  Catch up on tips, tricks, and more for full lips, rested eyes, lifted brows, smooth skin and more.

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