I've never been a fan of dairy milk, so I was grateful when nut milks became so popular. There are now dairy-free milk product alternatives in all different kinds of traditionally dairy categories. We've tasted tested these dairy-free milk products and are sharing our favorites. All of these nut-based products are vegan and gluten free.

The Best Dairy Free Products: Made in the USA

Dairy Free Milk

Nothing comes closer to making your own nut milk than MALK. They offer a line of cashew and almond milks with taste unlike most you'll find in your local grocer's fridge. There are no additives or gums. These milks are made with nuts, salt, water and some flavors have added vanilla or maple syrup for additional sweetness and body. I love adding them to my smoothies because their taste enhances the flavor of the concoctions I blend, without any additives. MALK products have been proudly made in Texas since 2014.

Best Non dairy milk products - MALK Organics Pure Nut Milk #Soy #GlutenFree #DairyFree #Organic

Milkadamia Unsweetened Macadamia Milk is a delicious non-dairy macadamia nut milk with a subtle, smooth flavor and beautiful milky creaminess. It offers a creamy richness unlike many other nut milks and I love it to use for cereal or in coffee. The company's family-run farms are in Australia because macadamia trees flourish in their natural habitat, while the final product is made and packaged in the United States.

Non Dairy Milk Products: Unsweetened Macadamia Nut Milk from milkadamia #vegan #dairyfree

Dairy-Free Creamer 

If you're looking for rich, flavorful coffee that you'll be excited to drink, I recommend nutpods Hazelnut Unsweetened Dairy-Free Creamer. It's made from heart-healthy almonds, MCT-rich coconuts and is free from carrageenan, dairy, soy, gluten, and sugar. It's made from simple ingredients including purified water, coconut cream, almonds, natural flavors, and contains less than 2% of acacia gum, sunflower lecithin, dipotassium phosphate, gellan gum, sea salt. I never use creamer in my coffee, but just almond milk, I find that the richness and texture from Nutpods makes a real difference in making me excited for my coffee every morning! 15% off with code USALOVE.

15% off with code USALOVE: nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer #Vegan #GlutenFree #Whole30 #Paleo

Dairy-Free Yogurt

Kite Hill Greek Yogurt tastes just like its dairy counterpart. It is just as creamy and rich! The Kite Hill non-dairy vegan yogurt is made with almond milk, reduced fat almond milk, cane sugar, strawberries, pectin, guar gum, natural flavor, fruit and vegetable juice, locust bean gum, lemon juice concentrate, and live active cultures.

Best Non-Dairy Milk Products - Kite Hill Greek Style Yogurt #vegan #soyFree #DairyFree


Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Cado Avocado Simply Lemon Ice Cream is more like a sorbet to me. I love it! It's refreshing and made with clean ingredients including organic avocado puree (water, organic avocado), avocado oil, organic cane sugar, organic tapioca starch, organic lemon juice concentrate, sea salt, organic guar gum, organic gum acacia, and organic lemon oil.

Best Non-Dairy Milk Products - Cado Avocado Ice Cream - It's AMAZING and tastes like sorbet #NonDairy #vegan #GMOfree

Steve's Cold Brew Cinnamon Coffee is one of my favorite ice creams of all time and it simply happens to be dairy-free. Yes, it's true. I rarely, if ever, pick coffee ice cream, but this had me going back for more. Steve's Cold Brew Cinnamon Coffee is a non-dairy flavor made with coconut cream, but you would never know it, if I hadn't told you. The texture is amazingly creamy and the flavor is heavenly. Steve's uses Grady's cold brew – another Brooklyn edible delight. They offer an entire line of dairy-free ice cream options.

Non Dairy Milk Products: Steve's Cold-brewed Cinnamon Coffee #nondairy #vegan

Dairy-Free Cheese

Treeline Treenut Cheese Soft French Style Nut Cheese is my absolute favorite nut cheese! It's made with clean, natural and real ingredients. No fake junk to make it vegan. Treeline Cheese is totally dairy-free. It is made of pure, wholesome cashew nuts, acidophilus culture, salt and pepper. No animals are harmed, or even touched in its production.It is probiotic, 100% free from dairy, lactose, casein, gluten, soy and added oils. You won't miss the non-dairy milk alternative cheese. These artisan-made cheese are made in the Hudson Valley Region of Upstate New York.

Non Dairy Milk Products: Paleo Vegan Nut Cheese from Treeline Treenut Cheese - Nutty, Soft and Creamy - You Won't Miss the Dairy Alternative

Dairy-Free Queso

I have no idea how the ladies at Heidi Ho Organics took vegetables and made them taste like queso or cheese you'd want to pour on pasta to make mac' and cheese. You may have seen them on Shark Tank and I can see why the sharks picked them. All their products are incredibly flavorful non-milk dairy alternatives for those looking to enjoy a plant based diet, or simply eat less dairy.

The Creamy Chia Cheeze is my personal favorite and is made with Veggie puree (water, red potatoes, red bell peppers, carrots, onions, garlic), *Cashews, *Safflower Oil, Sea Salt, *Lemon, *Chia Seeds, Citric Acid, *Paprika, *Mustard Seed, *Black Pepper, and *Cayenne (*indicates organics). The product is dairy-, gluten-, nut-, soy-free, and organic and vegan.

Heidi Ho Plant Based Creamy Chia Cheeze - Non-Dairy, Vegan 'Queso' - Paleo, Gluten-, Dairy-Free and Whole30 Friendly

Dairy-Free Alfredo Sauce

Parmela Creamery Rose Alfredo Sauce is made with nuts. It's AMAZING and you won't even know you're missing dairy! It comes in Original, Mushroom and Rosé, my personal favorite of the trio. The sauce ingredients include cashew cream (water, cashews), cashew nut cheese (cashews, water, salt, vegan lactic acid, cultures), white wine, extra virgin olive oil, salt, organic cornstarch, cane sugar, garlic, black pepper, locust bean gum, organic natural flavor, basil, rosemary, thyme, and oregano.

Best Non Dairy Milk Products - Parmela Creamery Rose Alfredo Sauce made with Nuts - It's AMAZING and you won't even know you're missing dairy!

Dairy-Free Stuffed Pasta

These stuffed pasta pockets are amazingly tender and flavorful. Again,  you really won't miss the dairy because the almond milk ricotta takes the places of dairy ricotta's taste and texture. The Kite Hill Mushroom Ricotta Ravioli are made with simple fillings including Mushroom medley (portobello, shiitake), Almond milk ricotta (almond milk [water, almonds], salt, enzyme, Tartaric Acid, cultures), breadcrumbs (wheat flour, sugar, yeast, salt), blended oil (canola/ olive), marsala wine, salt, black pepper, and garlic, while the pasta itself is simply made from Durum flour, water, and beta-carotene.

Non Dairy Milk Products: Kite Hill Dairy Free Stuffed Pasta - Mushroom Ricotta Ravioli


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