Bath and body products designed especially for men are on the rise.  To our delight we find that some of the best lines for men are made in the USA so I jumped at the opportunity to review this body wash for men.  While there is plenty of stuff made for the masses that appeal to the male population, it's the more exclusive things we have our sights set on here at USA Love List.  We look for products that set themselves apart from the rest and are of the highest quality.

A natural, clean body wash specifically for men.

Wash for Men is safely in this category.  It is a natural, clean wash for men.  It comes simply packaged with a minimalist design to represent its essential ingredients.  Wash for Men describes the wash best:  “A body wash just for men with a few natural ingredients, sustainably produced.”  They boost this wash as being designed for the regular man, not just the crunchy granola type and, for what its worth, I agree.  The smell is not drenched in hippie patchouli but rather light with a pine clean scent.  It is very different from the artificially scented wash on store shelves.  It cleanses and moisturizes with little lather.  That is a tough one for many American men to swallow (women too) because much of our products are stuffed with surfactants.  Surfactants give us all those suds which we associate with cleanliness.  Rest assured the suds are not what gets you clean.  They are just a filler and not needed at all.  In fact they are one of the main culprits in stripping our skin.

What I like about Wash for Men as a company is their commitment to a great attitude and the environment.

The company only offers the body wash at this time, I hope their line expands because they are fun and quirky, giving them a little edge.  They are proud to manufacture right in the USA as well.  They have a great little post card tucked in their shipments saying just that.  In addition to keeping the toxins off bodies and out of their wash they also use a 100% recycled bottle for their body wash.

Wash for Men has a great product but their philosophy is truly what endears me to the brand.  They have health, wellness and the environment in mind but without all the seriousness.   Grab this for the man in your life. Their 16 ounce bottle will last  months!

[Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]