Made in USA jeans can be difficult to find, so we’ve put together a source list that makes it easy for you to purchase American made jeans that you'll love. We found jeans made in the USA for men, and women. Kids jeans made in the USA have been a challenge to find! We have included in this list jeans that are manufactured in the USA from American made denim, as well as jeans that are cut and sewn in the USA from foreign made (mostly Japanese and Italian) denim. We believe that a company that creates American jobs with skilled American workers deserves to be recognized and supported!

American Made Jeans

American Made Jeans for Men: Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton is an American menswear brand and headquartered in East Rutherford, NJ, just ten miles outside of NYC. All products are manufactured in-house, and Todd Shelton does not wholesale, nor are Todd Shelton items sold in stores. Since its founding in 2002, all Todd Shelton garments have been and still are sold direct-to-customer through the brand’s e-commerce store.

American Made Jeans: Todd Shelton jeans for men. #jeans #denim #madeinUSA #usalovelisted

Todd Shelton American made jeans for men currently are available in two denim options; Pro Original Denim, and Pro Soft Denim. Pro Original Denim jeans are the best selling options and are popular with men who like the feel and fit of sturdy denim. Pro Soft Denim jeans are made of soft, lightweight denim and are favored by men who dress for comfort. 

Todd Shelton always prioritizes long-term customer relationships and personal customer service. The brand’s in-house factory creates the flexibility to offer industry-leading size and fit options. Take a short Fit Survey now and receive a personalized fit recommendation from the Todd Shelton NJ team:

Selvage Denim Jeans That Feel Good: Bluer Denim

Bluer Denim, based in the Pacific Northwest, makes selvage denim jeans that feel good and look good so you can be good. All materials are sustainably sourced in the US, including selvage denim from the Cone Mills White Oak plant, and cut and sewn in a family-owned facility in Los Angeles. They are proudly carbon neutral, buying carbon offsets to make up for any greenhouse gasses generated by their manufacturing.

This indie denim brand avoids trends by making only two styles of classic cuts. The Men’s Classic Straight is your everyday pair of jeans, designed for comfort and longer wear. With wider legs and a higher rise, you can run errands, work in the yard or sit in an extra-long meeting without feeling constricted. The Men’s Modern Slim is the polished pair of jeans that you wear for the big meeting, the big date, or the times you need to look a bit more confident than you feel. They’re cut for a modern vibe: one part skinny, one part slim with a bit of taper below the knee. Both styles are made from selvage denim.

American made Jeans: Bluer Denim button fly selvage denim jeans for men #usalovelisted #denim #jeans #mensfashion

Check out Bluer Denim, where the owner, Rogier, handwrites a thank you note to each customer, and will happily help you find your forever jeans. 

Designer Jeans for Women & Men: Bullet Blues

Bullet Blues designer blue jeans for women and men are proudly manufactured in the USA. Bullet Blues jeans are 100% made with American resources and craftsmenship. The high quality denim is manufactured in North Carolina and the custom rivets are made in Kentucky

Bullet Blues designer jeans for men and women are fashionable, durable and comfortable.  Jean styles for men and women include relaxed fit, boot cut, tapered leg, and skinny in a variety of denim washes. Additional styles for women include high waist, and flare leg. Women skinny jeans are available in multiple colors. There is a pair for everyone's style!

Made in USA Jean: Bullet Blues designer jeans for women & Men

American Made Jeans: A Made in USA Source List

Did we miss your favorite American made jeans brand? Let us know in the comments below! We updated this list frequently, so please check back!

Agave Denim jeans for men are made in Los Angeles, California from premium denim. 

Aviator jeans for men and women are made in Los Angeles. 

Billiam Jeans custom tailored denim jeans for men are made in South Carolina.

Bluer Denim dark selvage denim tailored button fly jeans for men are 100% American made. Designed for men who don’t chase trends, but do care about the way they look. Learn more about Bluer Denim jeans at the top of this post!

Made in USA Jeans: Bluer Denim #fashion #jeans #denim #usalovelisted

Brave Star Selvage selvaged denim jeans for men are available in skinny and straight leg styles, made in Los Angeles.

Buddy's Jeans tough, comfortable, and affordable jeans for men, made in the USA

Bullet Blues designer jeans in styles for men and women are manufactured entirely in the USA. From cotton yarns to dying and finishing to production, all of their manufacturing is done domestically. The company was named to honor the bravery of the American Soldiers fighting at Normandy in World War II.

American made jeans: Bullet Blues designer jeans for men and women

Crawford Denim jeans for women and men are handcrafted in California.  

Dearborn Denim is dedicated to making denim jeans for men and women that are affordable, that fit well and that are made from start to finish from USA made components. There is no middle man, so prices for American made denim start at $49! Dearborn Denim jeans stretch, but don't stretch out.

Made in USA Jeans: Dearborn Denim jeans for him and her #jeans #usalovelisted #madeinUSA #fashion

Diamond Gusset manufactures affordable jeans for men and women in the USA. 

Ely Cattleman affordable jeans for men are made in the USA. 

American made jeans: Ely Cattleman jeans for men #usalovelisted #jeans #mensfashion

FRAME manufactures luxury fashion jeans for men and women in Los Angeles. 

Freenote Cloth jeans for men are made in the USA from Japanese sourced denim. 

Genetic Los Angeles jeans for women are made in Los Angeles and are available in various styles and fabrics. 

American made jeans: Genetic Los Angeles jeans for women #usalovelisted #jeans #fashion

Ginew is a Native American own denim jean company that offers jeans for men

Gustin jeans for men are made to order in California. 

HARDENCO, also known as Hartford Denim Co., men's jeans are handmade in Hartford, Connecticut

imogene + willis premium denim jeans for men and women come in multiple styles and are made in USA from American sourced fabric.

James Jeans jeans for women are American made and are available in multiple styles. Curvy and maternity sizes available.

American made jeans: James Jeans for women #usalovelisted #jeans #fashion

Karen Kane offers great fitting denim jeans for women that hit all the right places. There are so many styles from which to choose too. From twill jeans to capri, boot cut, skinny and denim leggings, you're sure to find a pair you'll love. Available in plus sizes too. Also available on Amazon.

L.C. King Manufacturing Co. has been manufacturing jeans for men in the USA since 1913, including the well known Pointer Brand jeans. 

Schaefer Outfitter jeans for men and women are handcrafted in the USA. 

Siwy Jeans caters to women who like wearing jeans with whimsical style elements. You can find jean shorts, cropped denim and skinny jeans from this line.

Tellason jeans for men are cut and sewn in California from Japanese selvage denim

Texas Jeans affordable, durable jeans for men

Todd Shelton American made jeans for men are designed and manufactured in New Jersey.To get started with Todd Shelton American made jeans,  take a short Fit Survey and receive a personal fit recommendation from the Todd Shelton NJ team: Learn more about Todd Shelton jeans for men at the top of this post. 

American made jeans: Todd Shelton jeans for men #usalovelisted #madeinUSA #jeans #mensfashion
Todd Shelton American Made Jeans for Men

Made in USA Jeans Retailers

Nordstrom is a great source for premium American made jeans for men and women.  Just use our pre-set links or try putting “made in USA” in the search field.

American made Jeans for men and women via USA Love List

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