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Consider organic hair care.  Give your hair a second to just relax.  Shampoo and conditioner are the foundation of how great, or not so great, your hair looks.   Choosing an American made organic hair care line can improve your hair immensely. 

Keeping healthy, happy hair is pivotal.  Sometimes you need a good detox from chemical overkill.  Maybe you need to balance chemically processed hair with simple nourishment.

I recently got a chance to try the product line from Innersense and found that it offers the balance and nourishment your hair is looking for without getting all crunchy granola.  Their line provides the professional results, appeal, and luxurious scent that you expect from your shampoo and conditioner.


There is no build up with your wash and condition.  You can expect extended blowout times without getting greasy.   When you wash your hair it will completely get the hair products out.  I used both traditional and organic styling products and it rinsed them out equally as well.

I have a significant amount of hair damage.  Expected, I get it honestly by lightening my hair and heat styling.   Needless to say, it can get less flowing and more crispy each process.  The Innersense shampoo and conditioner softened my hair and restored luster.  Their Leave In Conditioner is the game changer.  It does not weigh my fine hair down and it adds massive shine, like TV commercial shine here.  As they state it is safe on color.  I have not experienced any problems with my color using Innersense Color Awakening Shampoo.

I also have curly haired testers in my house.  Serious curls.  They only wash their curls with a shampoo once a week and the other days they solely condition.  Innersense Daily Conditioner kept the curls from drying out and creating frizz.  When the Innersense conditioner was added to their usual product line up, the separation of ringlets was gorgeous.  The shine and bounce were perfect.


The company has a balanced approach to beauty, promoting the connection to your inner beauty and wellness.  They provide a product for the informed organic consumer.  Detailing their ingredient list and crafting products free from all toxins.  They encourage environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Their line is available in many California salons.  As a salon professional myself, I would proudly recommend Innersense.


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