Six Tips to feel fabulous in stripes with American-made style.

Many people veer away from stripes because they typically make us look larger. Fret no more! I'll give you some tips on how you can wear them well with American-made fashion.

  1. Find garments that are made of quality material. Better materials lay better over the body.
  2. Thin stripes are typically best. Try a tee shirt like this one: Edith A. Miller Boatneck Stripe Tee.
  3. If you like something with wider stripes, be sure that it drapes well. I like this sweater in particular because it isn't overly fitted. Rag & Bone Sevilla Sweater.
  4. Pair stripes with simple pieces. You want the stripes to be the focus of the outfit. Try white shorts or pants; they are my favorite in the summer! I particularly like this pair because the back flaps actually accentuate the tush. (Yes, I said accentuate! It's not a typo.) Organic by John Patrick Two Pocket Short.
  5. You'll want to elongate your stature when you're wearing stripes, so be sure to add height with whatever shoes you choose to wear. Wedges are the best for summer because you can wear them from day to night. Whether you're going to a backyard picnic or dining outside, these wedges will take you from summer into the cooler months. Sbicca ‘Blondie' Sandal.
  6. Add a subtle nautical touch with these 18K gold plated earrings. Soo Ihn Kim Logan Anchor Earrings.

You're ready to set sail!

Jill Homiak, Founder, Presenza
& Fashion Editor, USA Love List