Can you buy golf shoes made in the USA? You asked. We answered.

Whether you’re looking for golf shoes with spikes or spikeless golf shoes, keep reading to learn if your favorite brand is made in the USA.

American Golf

The sport of golf is an enormous industry in the United States. One statistic claims of the $84 billion industry, American golf carries a $26 billion piece of the pie ( The ingredients include not just the game itself, but also all the accouterments that go along with it.

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Golf shoes are an important piece of equipment that ranks high on the chart for successful play. They provide comfort, stability, and traction during a round of golf, which is important for both performance and injury prevention.

Golf Shoe History

The origins of the golf shoe can be traced back to the early 1900s. This was when golf was becoming a popular sport. It's unclear who exactly invented the first golf shoe. More than likely they were developed by golfers who were looking for a more comfortable and stable shoe to wear on the course.

Bobby Jones and Gene Sarazen were two famous golfers who played the game in the early to mid-20th century. This was a time when golf shoes were much simpler in design. Shoes during this time were typically made from leather and had a classic style with a dress-shoe-type appearance. They often had spikes or cleats on the sole for better traction on the course. Spikes were often made of metal rather than the plastic or rubber materials used in modern golf shoes.

One of the earliest recorded golf shoes was the “foot-joy” shoe, developed by the FootJoy company in the 1920s. This shoe was specifically designed for golfers. It featured a leather upper with rubber studs on the sole to provide traction on the grass. Since then, many companies have developed their own versions of the golf shoe.

Today, golf shoes come in a variety of styles and materials, and are an essential piece of equipment for golfers of all skill levels.

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Types of Golf Shoes

Several different types of golf shoes exist on the market today, each with its own unique features and benefits.

Spiked Golf Shoes

Spiked golf shoes are a popular option among golfers, especially those who play in wet or slippery conditions. These shoes have cleats or spikes on the sole, which provide excellent traction on the course. The spikes can be made of metal or plastic and can be fixed or removable. Fixed spikes are permanently attached to the sole. Other shoes have removable spikes that can be changed.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless golf shoes are another popular option among golfers. These shoes have flat soles without any cleats or spikes. Instead, they use rubber or textured sole to provide traction on the course. Spikeless golf shoes are versatile and can be worn both on and off the course. This attribute makes them a great option for golfers who want a shoe they wear for multiple occasions.

Hybrid Golf Shoes

Hybrid golf shoes are a combination of spiked and spikeless golf shoes. They have a mix of cleats or spikes on the sole, as well as a rubber or textured sole. This combination provides excellent traction on the course, while also offering comfort and versatility.

Golf Boots

Golf boots are designed for wet or cold weather conditions. They are typically made from waterproof materials and have a higher ankle to provide added support and protection. The sole of the boot may have spikes or cleats for added traction on the course.

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What to Look for in Golf Footwear

Whether you’re looking for golf shoes for men or for women, look for high-quality materials. Morever, look for a design that provides support and comfort to improve your game.

  1. Materials

The materials used in golf shoes are critical to their overall quality. High-quality golf shoes are often made from materials such as leather or synthetic materials that are durable and breathable. Leather shoes provide a traditional look and feel. Synthetic materials offer more flexibility and often come with waterproofing technology to keep your feet dry on wet days.

2. Toe Box

The toe box is another crucial aspect of a golf shoe. It should provide ample space for your toes to move and wiggle comfortably. A tight toe box can lead to discomfort and even blisters, which can negatively impact your game. Look for shoes with a roomy toe box to ensure maximum comfort.

3. Traction

Traction is one of the most important features of a golf shoe. It is essential to have a shoe that provides excellent grip on the course, particularly during wet conditions. Look for shoes with a high-quality outsole that features multi-directional traction to provide stability and grip in all directions.

Points of Traction refer to the specific areas of a golf shoe’s outsole that provide grip and traction on the golf course. They need to be strategically placed to provide maximum grip and stability during the golf swing. This is particularly true in wet or slippery conditions.

Other Important Features

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are a few other features to look for in high-quality golf shoes. These include cushioning for added comfort, a secure lacing system, and breathability to prevent sweat and moisture buildup.

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Yes! Only one company makes golf shoes in the USA, and on a limited basis. That company is COMMUNITYmade. USA Love List is happy to share this American manufacturer of not only golf shoes, but everyday shoes, too. Read about this US company in our list below to learn more.

Golf Shoe Brands NOT Made in the USA- Buyer Beware!

Many online sources say Allen Edmonds golf shoes are made stateside. However, the Wisconsin company discontinued the production of its American made golf shoes several years ago. These shoes were inspired by golf greats, including Sarazen and Jones, mentioned above.

If you’re looking for full-grain leather men’s dress shoes with a comfortable fit and made in America, look no further than Allen Edmonds. They’re made to last forever.

Other popular brands listed below are not made in America, either:

  • Adidas is a German multinational company that makes its golf shoes, including the popular Adidas Tour, in Asia and India.
  • Callaway doesn’t say on its website where it manufactures its golf shoes. I reached out to the company to confirm its manufacturing locations but have yet to receive a response.
  • Duca Del Cosma makes its leather shoes (both spikeless and spike versions) in Portugal.
  • Ecco Shoes is a Danish shoe brand that makes very comfortable shoes for all occasions. However, none of its shoes, including its popular Ecco Golf Shoes, is manufactured in the USA. These include the Ecco Biom Hybrid, the Ecco Biom C, the Ecco, and the Ecco Biom G. You’ll find most of its golf shoes are made in Portugal or Slovakia, with other kinds made throughout the world.
  • FootJoy is an American company that’s been around since the 1850s. It originally made its FootJoy golf shoes in England that included the ever-classic saddle shoes. Today, it outsources its manufacturing to Asia and Mexico. Even golf shoes made with the ever-popular Ortholite Ecoplush fit-bed are outsourced.
  • G Fore products are made all around the world; the company did not specify where it makes its golf shoes.
  • Nike is an American company that manufactures all of its footwear, including its Nike Air Max and other Nike golf shoes, outside of America. Most manufacturing facilities are located in Asian countries.
  • SQAIRZ is a Canadian company that manufactures its golf shoes in China.
  • TRUE Linkswear, founded by PGA Tour winner Ryan Moore, is an American company that manufactures its golf shoes in China.
  • Under Armour Spieth golf shoes are produced in Vietnam, Indonesia, and China.

Consider Alternatives to Golf Shoes

While golf shoes are the preferred footwear for playing golf, there are alternative shoe options that can be used if necessary. When looking for a substitute golf shoe, look for shoes with non-slip soles, a firm base, cushioned insoles, closed-toe designs, and flexible soles. By considering these qualities, you can find a suitable substitute golf shoe that will provide the comfort, stability, and protection you need to play your best game.

USA Love List has done the research to provide suitable, made-in-the-USA options for golf footwear. Check out our list below to see what we recommend!

Why Aren’t More Golf Shoes Made in the USA?

One of the primary reasons why golf shoes are not made in America is because other countries offer cheaper labor and lower manufacturing costs. The result is a higher profit for the company itself. As a result, most golf shoe manufacturers have moved their production facilities to these countries. The flip side of this is working conditions and treatment of workers may be inferior to what American workers receive.

Another reason why golf shoes are not made in America is the lack of skilled workers. The shoe industry in America has seen a decline in skilled workers over the years. This dilemma makes it challenging for golf shoe manufacturers to find the skilled labor required to produce high-quality shoes in America. However, with the massive uptick in US manufacturing, plus individuals' interest in pursuing quality craftsmanship, this challenge should diminish.

Furthermore, The availability of raw materials is also a contributing factor to why golf shoes are not made in America. While some materials used in golf shoes, such as leather, are readily available in the USA, others, such as synthetic materials, may not be. As a result, golf shoe manufacturers choose to import these materials from other countries instead of searching for smaller American manufacturing companies that make the materials.

What Can Americans Do?

If you're an American citizen who wants to help increase the manufacturing of American-made golf shoes, here are a few suggestions:

Buy Golf Shoes Made in the USA

One of the most direct ways to support American-made golf shoes is to buy them. By choosing to buy golf shoes made in the USA, you're helping to support domestic manufacturing and keep jobs in the country. Look for golf shoe brands that make their shoes in the USA, and consider purchasing from them whenever possible. We found only one American company that makes its golf shoes domestically. By buying from this single company, you're helping to create demand for American-made golf shoes and supporting local economies.

Spread Awareness

Another way to help increase the manufacturing of American-made golf shoes is to spread awareness about the issue. Share information about why golf shoes are not made in America with your friends, family, and social media followers. By raising awareness about the issue, you can help create a demand for American-made golf shoes and encourage companies to produce their products domestically.

Support trade policies that Encourage Domestic Manufacturing

Trade policies can have a significant impact on the manufacturing of goods in a country. Supporting policies that encourage domestic manufacturing, such as tariffs or subsidies for American-made products, can help create a more favorable environment for golf shoe companies to produce their shoes in America.

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Ask Companies to Make Their Products in America

When your friends, coworkers, and you make the request to golf companies and let them know you’ll take your business elsewhere until they do, they’ll start to listen.

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It might cost more money to buy American-made golf shoes, but the ROI of a strengthened workforce, a strong economy, and fabulous customer service is worth it!

Golf Shoes Made in the USA

Consider These American-Made Alternatives

If you’re just starting out in golf, or if you’re headed to the range and forgot your golf shoes, you don’t need to hustle over to your local golf store to grab a pair of golf shoes.

Others of you might be interested in supporting American-made, and you choose to forego the label “golf shoe” and instead look for athletic-style shoes you can use for golf.

Consider these selections below that provide the comfort, stability, and protection you need for the golf course. Pull double duty by wearing them on and off the golf course!

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