The Kleen Freak waterless detailing system is everything you could hope for in a product; it is simple to use, it works extremely well and it supports an American businessman that takes pride in the term Made in the USA. In the following video post, we show what it is like to use the Kleen Freak 10 minute waterless car wash and detail system. On the Kleen Freak's website is says that Kleen Freak is “The safest and fastest way to clean and protect your modern clear coat finish.” In other words, Kleen Freak is an advanced product that makes washing your car something that you can do almost anywhere, and in less time than it would take you to drive to your local car wash.

As this video shows, we cleaned and polished our car in about 15 minutes while talking through the process. At the end, we had a car that was spotless and left with a protective layer on it. In the frosty mornings following its wash you could clearly see that the paint was protected from the elements, almost beading the morning dew. Our car has stayed clean and if we re-applied Kleen Freak this weekend it would be a much faster process as the car is much cleaner from its first application.