Tuesday, September 17 is Constitution Day!

OK, I have to admit. I did not even know there was a Constitution Day until my 6 year old saw it on his calendar a few days ago and promptly informed me. Constitution Day is a fairly new holiday, as it was made official in 2004. The purpose of Constitution Day is to encourage Americans to learn about the US Constitution. Federally funded educational facilities are required to have a Constitutional themed unit or activity on this day.

In honor of Constitution Day, and for those of us who have been out of school for awhile, who might be a little bit rusty on our Constitution history, here is a quick refresher:

On September 17, 1787, thirty nine delegates to the Constitutional Convention agreed upon and signed the foundation of the Constitution of the United States.  This original version contained only the seven Articles (that remain today), which laid out the separation of federal powers and described the relationships between state and state and the states and the federal government. Over the next 232 years, with the addition of the Bill of Rights (1791) and other amendments (the most recent in 1992), the Constitution of 1787 became the supreme law that it is today's United States Constitution.

Five Made in USA Items That Encourage Us to Honor Constitution Day Every Day

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5. Constitution and Declaration Glasses
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 For more information on the US Constitution and for fun Constitutional Day facts and educational activities, visit the website of the National Constitution Center.

Constitution Day | September 17| American made items that honor the US Constitution

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