The Kleen Freak Ultimate Car Scratch Remover is a multi-step system that allows you to remove surface scratches from your car. If you have scuffs, swirl marks or paint scrapes on your car, the Kleen Freak Ultimate Scratch Remover can remove them. The Kleen Freak system is easy to use, comes with clear instructions and gives users a level of support that is unseen in other automotive care products.

This is the second product we have had the chance to review and it impresses just as much as the waterless detail system. The scratch removal system shows the thought and care that Karl from Kleen Freak puts into his products. I’ve had the good fortune to have been sent many, many car care products, and none of them are as complete as the the Ultimate Scratch Remover system.

In the box, there are four different cleaning products and four separate microfiber cloths. Each product has its own cleaning/polishing cloth, each is color coded, and we found that each product has its own pleasant scent. In addition, the system comes with a bonus bottle of cleaning spray and a sanding kit for scratches that are a bit deeper than surface problems. In summary, it is thorough, well thought out, and comes with clear instructions. The final bonus that the scratch remover includes is VIP support which gets you guaranteed e-mail responses and twenty minutes of one on one phone support.

In the below video we walk through the process to remove the scratch shown above on a 2012 Chrysler Town & Country minivan that got into a fight with a garage door. After 10 minutes of work, the van is no longer the loser of the battle and has been restored to a showroom shine and finish.