This Friday, October 3 is recognized across the country as Manufacturing Day. Manufacturing Day was started in 2012 so that American manufacturers had a day to work together on showing the general public what jobs in the modern manufacturing industry really entail.

Manufacturing Day 2014

Though Manufacturing Day is officially October 3, throughout the month of October, and into November, manufacturers across the country will be opening their doors. Students, job seekers, and the curious, can see exactly how things are made, and the skills that are needed to work in the growing manufacturing industry.  Visitors might be surprised to learn that, unlike common misconceptions about manufacturing jobs, those working in the manufacturing industry, are highly trained and skilled workers.

This year there are over 1,500 Manufacturing Day events planned in every state except Alaska. You don't even have to leave your house, as there are also virtual events scheduled! Find a Manufacturing Day 2014 event near you here.

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What manufacturing really looks like

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