The news is full of talk of tariffs and trade wars. The list of consumer products potentially affected by tariffs is long, including appliances, seafood, carpet, tools, personal products, clothing, and even gift wrap or dog leashes. Tariffs on raw materials such as aluminum will eventually find their way into all kinds of items you use and need every day, from beer to baseball bats. Tariffs may not hit you immediately but over time, you may start to see rising prices at your favorite stores. How can you avoid the effect of tariffs on your pocketbook? Start by seeking out products made in America. 

Over the years, the USA Love List team has compiled many source lists for all kinds of products made in the USA. To be sure, you won't be able to find EVERYTHING you need made in the USA, but in certain categories, your choices are vast. In other categories, we can direct you right to a source you may not have heard of, or we'll gladly point you to a favorite brand you never knew was made in the USA. It is worth a few minutes every time you go shopping. Bookmark this page and pass it on to your friends.

As always, if you know of an American made product that is not on one of our source lists, just scroll down to the bottom of the list and add it in the comments section for that list. Other readers will be able to see your suggestion right away and our editors will consider adding it the next time we update the list.

If you are wondering whether one of your favorite brands is made in the USA, you can always check THE LIST – our master list of every brand ever mentioned on USA Love List. Click on any brand to quickly find every article where it is mentioned then see what we had to say about it our which products we recommended.

Some of the most significant household products on the tariffs list have excellent alternatives manufactured in the USA. If there ever was a time to research and invest in goods made here at home, now is the time. We're here to help.

Avoid Tariffs. Buy American. Made in USA Source Lists.

If you are looking for something made in the USA, we might have a source list for that!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just start with your favorite retailers and find what they have to offer that's American Made? Give it a try in the USA Love List American Made Shopping District. We'll give you our best tips on what to look for and in most cases, we've done the search for you so you can see only what's offered that is made in the USA. Give it a try.

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Avoid Tariffs. Buy American. Made in USA Source Lists.

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