“Green Products for a Green World” is the motto that Polly Products prides itself in following. They are a manufacturer of eco-friendly items for community and commercial use.   Polly Products only manufactures “Green” items, as all of its products are manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled plastics. 

Beautiful Products from Recycled Trash

Milk & juice jugs, laundry detergent & shampoo bottles, and plastic shopping bags are just some of the recycled ‘trash' items that find their way into all  of Polly Products items. It's not just through the manufacturing process that Polly Products strives to be ‘Green'.  All of the materials used in shipping- the cardboard, pallets and plastic wrap – are all recyclable. In the Polly Products office, not only is everything recycled, but employees are educated on environmental responsibility.

Made to Last

UV stabilizers are added to the recycled plastics during the manufacturing process to keep the products from fading. Foaming agents are added to increase product stability. Polly Products items do not rust, or rot like metal or wood counterparts. Polly Products items contain little to no materials that would make them the targets of scrap metal thieves, which have been problematic to towns & cities.

Polly Products: For Community, Business, and Home

You might be wondering why we are sharing Polly Products with our readers because their products seem only for town, city , or business use?  Well, we know that there are always people out there looking for community service ideas. Scouts, local organizations, and school groups are always looking for ways to show their support and appreciation for their community. Parks can always use recycle bins, trash cans, and planters. Schools and libraries can always use benches.   If a loved one has recently passed, or a valued co-worker has just retired, you might be looking for ways to memorialize them, and a bench with a personalized plaque would do just that. Also, a Polly Products bench and planter would be a perfect addition to any home garden!

Here are just a few examples of the items that Polly Products manufactures

Recycle Receptacles

Polly Products #madeinUSA Recycling Receptacle

Polly Products Recycle Receptacles are manufactured in many sizes and styles. The one in this photo is engraved ‘Bottles', but with a simple request when ordering, the wording can be changed to whatever suits for recycling needs.

Trash Receptacles

Polly Products #madeinUSA #Ecofriendly Trash Receptacle

Polly Products Trash Receptacles are made from plastics, which makes them perfect for long term outdoor use! There is no metal or wood to rot or rust from weather exposure. Polly Products Trash Receptacles come in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

Streetscape Planters

Polly Products #madeinUSA #Ecofriendly Streetscape Platers

Add some green to your community's streets, school, or library entrances with Polly Products Streetscape Planters. The planter pictured here is made from 432 recycled milk jugs!


Polly Products #madeinUSA #Ecofriendly benches- great to use as a 'Buddy Bench'!

“Buddy Benches” have been turning up in playgrounds, school yards, and library parks through out the United States.  The idea behind the “Buddy Bench” is to create a place for children to sit and talk, and to make friends. “Buddy Benches” are the perfect way to promote an anti-bulling message. Polly Products Benches make the perfect “Buddy Benches'! An inspirational quote can be engraved on the bench as well. It takes 576 recycled milk jugs to make the bench pictured here.

Bike Racks

Polly Products #madeinUSA #Ecofriendly Bike Racks

Bicycle commuting is gaining popularity in cities and large towns across the country.  A Polly Products Bike Rack would make a great addition to schools, parks, and other town buildings to show support for this Eco friendly form of transportation.

If you have any great ideas about how or where you'd like to see Polly Products, share below!

All images courtesy of Polly Products/www.pollyproducts.com

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Polly Products #madeinUSA #green products for community & commercial use