VZ Wraps makes Reusable Gift Wrap that is eco-friendly, ultra-easy, American-made, and fun for any occasion.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… that's what they say and we know you try. But did you know most wrapping paper is not recyclable? The dyes, the non-paper additives and the lamination of that pretty paper get it sent on a path straight to your local landfill. Think about the number of  trash bags FULL of discarded paper, bows and ribbons after the opening of presents at the last child's birthday party, baby shower or wedding shower that you attended. It would be surprising if there was less than one bag of garbage just from the opening of gifts!

The next time you go to a party bearing a gift, skip the tape, don't worry about the ribbon. Be the greenest girl around by investing in an eco-friendly, reusable VZ Wraps fabric gift bag instead of using traditional wrapping paper. Lessen your carbon footprint by not contributing to the gift wrapping waste.

VZ Wraps are made in Pennsylvania and here are six reasons why we love them: 

  •  They are high quality, durable, and are made of cotton, traditional or organic.
  • Most of the attached ribbon ties are made of recycled materials.
  • The patterns are modern and classic.
  • The gift bags are available for any occasion.
  • VZ Wraps come in 5 sizes, so there is sure to be the perfect size for that gift.

The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas as to what fits in each size:

  • Mini Gift Bag-  a gift card, small jewelry box, hair bows, earrings
  • Wine Bottle Bag-  bottle of wine, CD, DVD, video game, small box of gourmet chocolates
  • Standard Bag (10″ x 15″)- books, T-shirt, several CDs or video games, candle, small art kit
  • Medium Bag (17″ x 19″)- football, larger gift boxes, IPad, a purse, sweater/sweatshirt, champagne flutes
  • Large Bag (21″ x 27″)- shirt box, wine glasses, larger gift boxes for most household items

The Giveaway

We are very excited to be giving away a $30 gift certificate to one of our readers for FREE with opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck! The winner can visit the VZ Wraps website at their own convenience and choose their own sizes and patterns from the great selection.

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