Gorgeous and romantic makeup looks great for any date night.  Elevate your Valentine's Day makeup with these five sexy beauty tips.  We have chosen five of the best American made beauty products to be the focal point of your look.

Valentine's Day Makeup: Five Sexy Beauty Tips

Emphasize Your Eyes

Put a major emphasis on your eyelashes.  The eyes have it all.  Open them up with several coats of mascara.  Use the tip of your wand to flare out the outer corners of your lashes for a big impact.  Maybelline's Lash Sensational is soft and gorgeous.Valentine's Day makeup: Sexy makeup tips | American Beauty | Made in USA mascara #usalovelisted #valentinesday #makeuptips Luscious Lips

Keep your lips looking smooth and glossy.  A light coat of lipgloss, like Cate McNabb's long lasting glitter shimmer gloss, highlights your lips and gives them a pretty sheen without getting goopy. Don't forget to exfoliate (read How to Fixed Chapped Lips for tips)  your lips first, it will give you a plumper, smoother pout.Valentine's Day makeup tips, Sexy makeup tips | Cate McNabb lip gloss #usalovelisted #madeinUSA #beauty #valentinesdayPretty Polished Fingernails

Keep the nail art all toned down and wear a simple manicure. Follow my easy 4 step manicure directions.  Use a pale pink or another neutral shade with a shiny top coat.  It's understated, sleek and very pulled together.  O.P.I is a favorite American made nail polish brand of mine.Valetine's Day makeup tips | Beauty tips | Made in USA nail polish #usalovelisted #makeup #beautytips

Bombshell Facial Flush

Add a pop of color to warm your face up by adding some blush. I suggest a shade from Cate McNabb Cosmetics. You won't need much, just an upward sweep from the apple to the temple to get the effortless, bomb shell flush.  Apply after you even your skin tone out with a dewy foundation, like CC Cream by Supergoop!(Enhance your natural glow first, try this.)

peachy pink golden glow blushValentine's Day makeup Tips #usalovelisted #beautytips

Spritz Fragrance

Seductive scent is an attraction without even being seen, Michael Kors scent leaves a mark.Michael Kors Purfume | sexy scents | beauty tips

A light hand enhances the features you already have without piling on the makeup, giving you the polish of your favorite cosmetics.  Magazine polls show that is what our male counterparts find the sexiest.

All of these beauty products will help you create a “naturally sexy” look of beauty.  Each item is made in the USA, and belong in my personal repertoire.

Enjoy your look of love.

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