In celebration of “National Pick Strawberry Day”, we're sharing our post on berry picking and summer style tips. I was reminiscing about my time last summer, spent in New Jersey, where my family lives. When my sister, Erin, and I were growing up, we would visit our grandparents for an extended period. They had a garden with everything from stone fruits, berries, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, lima beans, and more. I remember shelling lima beans, helping to can tomatoes, and picking berries.

This past week I spent a bit of time in the garden picking black raspberries. It was the first pick of the season – the berries didn't spend too much time on the table because my sister and I ate them all. Can you blame us? Look at those beauties!

photo 3  photo 2Beyond picking berries, I had my first drive-in movie experience. Despite the fact that the concept of a drive-in movie was created by a New Jersey resident in 1932 and my parent's home town of Vineland, New Jersey has the only drive-in theater, Delsea Drive-In Theater, I had never been to a drive-in movie.  I decided to make an event of it. I put together a black and white outfit for summer. Here are three tips for keeping this classic look on trend.

Summer Style Tips

Accessorize your outfit. Make sure to add an eye catching necklace or earrings.

Add a pattern. Pick black and white pieces that have stripes, a floral pattern, or geometric patterns to make your look stand out.

Pick pieces that are made well with nice fabric. They will last you longer!

photo 23Summer Style Tips from

{Top: Second Base Meredith Midi | Jacket: Hard Tail | Necklace: Nashelle Arbor Untamed Necklace}

Berry Picking, Drive-In Movies, and Summer Style Tips for an All American Summer

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