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Four Clever Ways to Add Nutritional Supplements to Your Children’s Diets (Without them even knowing!)

In order to make sure that my kiddos are still getting the nutrients that they need when they are struggling to eat the required amount of fruits and veggies this time of year, and to boost their immune system during cold and flu season, I add nutritional supplements to their diets. Here are my favorite, and most successful ways of doing so, with American made products I trust. During the summer, our nutrition and our immune systems always need support. Late in the winter season, I always find myself struggling with which fruits and vegetables to feed my family. In...

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Best Vitamins for Kids, Made in the USA

I have noticed that as my kiddos grow, the  supplemental needs of their bodies change, along with their taste buds. Here is a list of the best vitamins for kids that are manufactured in the USA. This USA Love List American made source guide includes multi-vitamins, as well as supplements for specific body needs.  We all know kids can be picky as to what they will put in their mouths, so there are powders, gummies and chewables to choose from as well! Consult your child's health care provider before adding any supplements to your child's diet. Don't miss our...

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