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How to Get an Eye Lift Using American Made Makeup | Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Makeup allows you to get mini a brow lift when your eyes need some perking up.   As we age, our eyelids lose some of their elasticity and start to droop slightly. Lessening the space between our brow and lash line.  To visually correct that and open your eyes back up, you can do a few easy things with your makeup to “lift” your brow line and make those eyes pop. I'm going to teach you how and, even better, we're going to do it with American made cosmetics. Eyebrow Makeup Tips Featuring American Made Products Don't miss our source...

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Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tips: Get Her Classic Look with All American Beauty Products

 Marilyn Monroe had the classic all American girl appeal.  With these Marilyn Monroe makeup tips, focusing on her signature eyebrows and red lips, you can get this vintage beauty's look too. Classic Beauty: Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tips   The Face Stila Aqua Glow Liquid Foundation is ultra smooth and will provide an evened out skin tone and great base for powder.  It is not sparkling, but it does have multi reflective pigments that make the skin look bright and fresh. Repechage Natural Finish Powder gives a flawless finish that controls all shine giving that smooth complexion that Ms. Monroe always...

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American Beauty Anti Aging Series: How to Make Jowls Less Noticeable

Sagging skin at the jaw line, aka jowls, is one spot hit hard by gravity.  Women often say they feel like their face is falling.  While we do our best to prevent it by keeping this skin firm with proper skin care, using firming creams to slow it down, and massaging to stimulate collagen and elastin production, gravity will prevail.  For some, it may be slight and for others, more prominent. How to make jowls less noticeable To visually make jowls seem less noticeable we can use some professional makeup application techniques.  To do this, use basic highlighting and...

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Show Your American Made Pride: Fourth of July Beauty Ideas Plus 10 Made in USA Beauty Favorites

Summer is finally in full swing, cookouts, picnics, festivals and celebrations.  Next up is Independence Day.   Here are some of my favorite 4th of July beauty ideas: Get the Look of an Original American Beauty Icon Mimic this classic Marilyn Monroe look using all American made cosmetics.  Get the step by step look with our how to process. Color Blocked Manicure Use red, white and blue to keep it festive and simple.  All nail colors are Priti NYC.  Learn more about the Eco-Fabulous company in our review. Playfully Patriotic Nail Art for the Kids Time is of the...

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An Easy 5-step Makeup Routine for Summer, all American Made

These easy makeup tips for summer will keep you polished and fresh in the hot summer sun.  If you plan to spend some time out in the heat this summer, a minimal approach to makeup is a great option.  No sweat pool of makeup, no running eyeliner, and easy maintenance.   5 step makeup routine for summer Moisturize with an oil free face lotion that includes SPF of 20 or more.  This will be the only prep you need and provide a barrier against the sun in one step.  Mario Badescu offers Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30, it is one...

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