Sagging skin at the jawline, aka jowls, is one spot hit hard by gravity.  Women often say they feel like their face is falling.  While we do our best to prevent it by keeping this skin firm with proper skin care, using firming creams to slow it down, and massaging to stimulate collagen and elastin production, gravity will prevail.  For some, it may be slight and for others, more prominent.

How to Make Jowls Less Noticeable

To visually make jowls seem less noticeable we can use some professional makeup application techniques.  To do this, use basic highlighting and contouring, which is essentially shading and creating cheekbones with color while using lighter shades to minimize.  Here is what you will need to get the look of a lifted face, detouring from sagging jowls.

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How to Make Jowls Less Noticable

How to Make Jowls Less Noticable


  • Foundation in your shade
  • Finishing powder
  • Creamy concealer in a shade lighter
  • Matte bronzer
  • Blush


    1. To start, even out your complexion with foundation.
    2. Next, apply some concealer in a slightly lighter shade along the jowls and up toward the mouth.  Blend well so you don't have a visible line between the two colors.
    3. Add the matte bronzer just below and at the edge of your cheekbones, swipe it on from beneath the apple to the temple.  Blend the edge for a smooth look but not so much that you take away the shading that amps up the cheekbone.
    4. Then you will add your blush for a pop of color and to really focus away from the jawline.  Apply your blush from the outer edge of the apple all the way up to and slightly above the temple.  You will be sweeping blush in a C shape.  This draws the look of the face up.
    5. Finish off the look with setting powder.  This will give a polished and fluid look to all the contouring applied.  It should be subtle yet effective.  The powder will also help to keep everything in place for long wear.

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How to make your jowls less noticable