Brian the Pekingese

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Made in USA Kid’s Pajamas: A USA Love List Source Guide

If you are on the hunt for made in the USA kid's pajamas, don't get discouraged! Here is our source list for American made PJs. Don't forget to check out the USA Love List Kid's Clothing Made in the USA: The Ultimate Source Guide, for the jackpot listing of American made children's clothing. We also have a list of American made pj's for adults. Made in USA Kid's Pajamas Brian the Pekingese Organic Cotton Children's Pajamas Brian the Pekingese organic cotton children's  pajamas are made in California.  All fabric is washed and dried prior to cutting and sewing, to prevent shrinkage. Also, no...

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Made in USA Clothing for Kids : The Ultimate Source List

I'm here to tell you… finding made in USA clothing for kids is possible! Believe it or not, there ARE a lot of companies out there that manufacture children's clothing in America. Here is a list to prove it! Don't miss our Ultimate Source Lists for American made summer clothing for kids, Made in USA school uniforms, American made children's swimwear, pajamas for kids and holiday clothing for kids. Made in USA Clothing for Kids Made in USA T Shirts for Kids: Soul Flower Soul Flower is an earth loving clothing brand for Women, Men and kids. Mindfully made with...

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Clothing Gifts for Kids, Made in the USA

OK, so we all know that articles of clothing are the LAST things kids want to receive as gifts! However,  I've found some American made clothing items that kids on your list might just actually like, and *gasp* would be happy to receive! I recently wrote about simplifying your gift giving by sticking to the old adage to give kids “Something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR, and something to READ.” Here is what to get them to wear…   Clothing Gifts for Kids, Made in the USA Tuff Kookooshka I absolutely love the bright colors and unique patterns...

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Brian the Pekingese: American Made Organic Children’s Pajamas

One of the best things about working with American made companies here at USA Love List, is watching them succeed and grow over the years. Today we are excited to share an update on a company that we first introduced our readers to back in 2013- Brian the Pekingese. Brian the Pekingese: American Made Organic Children's Pajamas Back in 2013 I discovered Brian the Pekingese children's pajamas when I was on the hunt for made in the USA children's pajamas for my then 5 year old daughter, Sophie.  Sophie absolutely LOVED the Brain the Pekingese pajamas that were sent to us...

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An Oven Pancake Recipe For A Fun Start To The Day

My kiddos will agree that they LOVE pancakes. What they can't agree on is the TYPE of pancake Mommy is going to make. Logan prefers his pancakes with fruit added- blueberry pancakes, banana pancakes, and pumpkin pancakes top his list.  Sophie wants her pancakes with chocolate chips. Instead of spending my morning flipping separate pancake orders for everyone, we work together and create one giant pancake which is baked in the oven in an American Made pan. The Oven Pancake Recipe is FABULOUS because my kiddos can add their own toppings- fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, coconut, jimmies (this is a great way to...

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