The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that we wear a non-medical, fabric face masks when we are out in public and can't maintain a social distance of 6 feet from others. This is to help Covid-19 from spreading in our communities. Buying American made masks is the perfect way to support small businesses, while keeping ourselves, our families, and our neighbors, safe.

American Made Masks

Brian the Pekingese: 100% Organic Masks for the Whole Family

Brian the Pekingese, a manufacturer of organic cotton made in USA children's pajamas, has added 100% cotton made in USA face masks to their product line. Brian the Pekingese face masks are available in two sizes, Kid and Adult. The Kids size is recommended for ages 3-8.

Brian the Pekingese masks are made from 100% organic baby rib cotton material (except for black masks) that is super soft. These masks are made with 2 ply cotton material and are machine washable. The ear loops are made from cotton binding, so there is no scratchy elastic, which is perfect for sensitive skin. Brian the Pekingese face masks are in stock in their California warehouse, so your order will ship in 24 hours (except for black masks). Brian the Pekingese has a coupon code that can be used for 30% off on pajama orders (SpringUSA), but it is not valid on the purchase of face masks.

American Made Masks: Brian the Pekingese 100% organic cotton masks for the whole family
Brian the Pekingese American made masks for the whole family.

Tom Bihn: Buy a Mask, Donate a Mask

Tom Bihn reusable cloth face masks for adults are “buy a mask, donate a mask”. This means that every purchase of a $13 face mask is helping to donate a mask to someone in need. They began making masks on March 25th for a local hospital, and they have dedicated themselves to efficiency- and donating- ever since. They even have a spreadsheet on the Tom Bihn website that shows how many masks they have made, how many were donated, and where they were donated. Pretty cool!

Customers appreciate the comfortable fit, conforming stretchy ear loops (no scratchy elastic!) and the fit. Provided the right size, Tom Bihn face masks are not baggy or oversized, but fit nicely on the face and are professional looking. Tom Bihn face masks are available in two sizes; Original (fits 70% of people) and Large (fits 30% of people). There is a sizing guide on the mask page of their website for sizing assistance. Oh, and they even have mask making directions on their website if you want to make your own!

Made in USA Masks: Tom Bihn
Made in USA masks: Tom Bihn “Buy a mask, Donate a mask”

Todd Shelton: Have a Head Loop for a Tighter Fit

Todd Shelton, a company known for high quality American made jeans and men's clothing, is now offering high quality, American made face masks. Todd Shelton masks are handmade in their East Rutherford, NJ factory from two ply of woven fabric, a fused lining (applied permanently through heat and pressure) that serves as a filter for extra protection. The fused lining also minimizes wrinkles.

Todd Shelton masks are easy to fold for travel. There is no metal nose strip that will break after frequent washing. The curved mask design creates a space between the mouth and the fabric. These masks have behind the head straps and behind the ear loops. These extra straps give you more options for sizing and wearing. The head loop, when worn on the top of the head, helps keep the mask over your face when talking, so you don't have to touch it to keep it in place. The head loop strap can be used to wear the mask around your neck when not in use.

This mask is available in four sizes. Size Regular is most popular for men. Adult Size Small is the most popular for women. The Kids size fits kids 5 and over. There is an XL size available for those who have a hard time finding a mask big enough. All mask sizes are available in Navy only. When placing your order through the Todd Shelton website, just specify your size preference in the comment box Not sure what size to get? Just click the “Help?” button on the Todd Shelton website and ask!

Todd Shelton made in USA face masks have a head loop for a tighter fit when talking. Stop touching your mask to hold it in place!
Todd Shelton made in USA face masks have a head loop for a tighter fit.

City Threads: Masks Available in 6 Sizes, Toddler to Adult

City Threads, a manufacturer of American made children's clothing, has added washable masks to their product list. City Threads masks are made with two layers of soft and comfortable cotton knit. They are perfect for running errands or for work.

City Threads masks are available in 6 sizes and 16 colors. The range in mask sizes helps to ensure that there is proper mask fit for all ages and face sizes. The City Threads XS mask size fits toddlers, ages 3T-6, while the XXL fits adults, approximately 6 feet tall/ 235 pounds. On the City Threads website, there is an easy to follow chart that helps you decide the best size based on weight, height, and mask measurements. With 16 colors to choose from, there is sure to be a color (or 2, or 3..) that you and everyone in your family would want to wear!

American made masks: City Threads masks in 6 sizes, toddler to adult
City Threads made in USA masks are available in 6 sizes, toddler to adult.

The Cat Ball: Three Layer Masks for Adults

The Cat Ball, a business that normally designs and manufactures cat beds, has switched to the production of face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Cat Ball three-layer face masks are made of woven cotton fabrics and have a filter pocket so that additional filtering materials can be added.

The Cat Ball owner, Jennifer Boaro, used her education in design and pattern making to recreate and refine this face mask design. Her team did some tweaking and made adjustments. They found a shape that incorporated good coverage, secure fit, and pleasing design lines to the face. With no time to source fabrics, they used suitable woven cotton patterns already on hand. The patterns shown may no longer be available as they are moving through the fabric supply. When elastic became hard to purchase, they switched to cotton lycra to make the ear loops. They also offer a behind the head elastic option. All The Cat Ball personal use face masks are made in the state of Washington and are shipped quickly.

American Made Face Masks: The Cat Ball three layer masks for adults.
American Made Face Masks: The Cat Ball three layer masks for adults.

Quality Mask Supply: Stylish and Chemical Free Masks

Quality Mask Supply believes masks can be both stylish and functional. Handmade in Baltimore by three seasoned independent business owners, Quality Mask Supply is meeting an immediate need for functional, fashionable, and reusable protective masks made of 100% organic cotton.

Quality Mask Supply reusable face masks for adults are fully adjustable- one size fits most. Your face deserves the protection of all-natural 100% organic cotton. The fabric is completely free from harmful dyes, chemicals, bleach, and chemicals, so you can breathe cleanly through the two layers of protection. The luxurious 300 thread count is super soft against your skin and gives a premium fit for all-day comfort.

Quality Mask Supply American made 100% organic, dye-free, chemical-free face masks for adults.

Project Repat: BioSmart Masks

Project Repat is a company that makes custom T-shirt quilts and blankets in the USA. They have recently added mask making to their product list. Project Repat American made masks are offered in 100% cotton or BioSmart options.

Project Repat 100% cotton masks are one size fits most adults, and are available in two styles. Both styles tie around the head. The white cotton mask has pleats, while the green and purple masks do not. These masks are made with a heavier material that will keep out particles and stand up to washing many, many times.

Project Repat also carries a line of BioSmart masks. These masks are made with Milliken's BioSmart Level 1 patented antimicrobial material. This material can be washed with bleach (up to 75 times) to activate the material to kill germs. The BioSmart mask loops behind the ears. It is of a lighter weight, so it is perfect for summer and warmer temperatures.

Made in USA masks: Project Repat
Project Repat offers 100% cotton & BioSmart made in USA masks.

Veronica M: Stylish Masks in Packs of 5

Veronica M has been manufacturing fashionable women's clothing in Los Angeles since 1996. Among Veronica M's ‘New Arrivals' this fashion season are stylish masks for women and men.

Veronica M masks are designed with 2 layers of stretch cotton fabric and include a fused liner in the center for extra protection. This mask design follows Kaiser Permanente’s (one of the largest non-profit healthcare plans in the US), mask specifications.

The camo or cobra fashion print masks are available in 5 packs that include 3 print and 2 plain color masks. These are adult size that are suitable for men and women. They are made with soft elastic ear loops. Plain masks are available in 5 packs as well and include tie masks.

Veronica M American made masks for women & men sold in packs of 5.

iEDM: Independent Artist Designed Face Masks

iEDM, a US based small business that manufactures apparel in the USA, also offers cotton face masks that are perfect for festivals and raves. These wild, colorful and uniquely patterned rave face masks will make you stand out from the crowd and complete your festival fashion statement.

iEDM made in USA cotton face masks have elastic ear loops and they are contoured and adjustable for a comfortable fit. These CDC recommended non medical masks are made with moisture wicking anti-microbial micropoly fabric and are machine washable. All made in USA iEDM rave face masks are handcrafted and custom made and have a five day crafting period. You order your favorite design, the mask is printed, cut, sewn and then shipped. Please Note: Not every iEDM face mask is made in the USA, but those that are are clearly marked in the product description. To view the iEDM Made in USA cotton face mask selection, from the iEDM Mask Collection page, click on ‘Filter' and then select ‘Made in USA'.

iEDM is a company that gives back to the community. For every mask that is sold, they donate a surgical mask to a first responder or hospital in need. They have donated over 130,000 masks! You can save 15% on your iEDM purchase now with promo code USALOVE. No expiration.

American made masks: iEDM independent artist designed face masks, rave face masks, cotton face masks. You can save 15% on your iEDM purchase now with promo code USALOVE. No expiration.
Save 15% on your iEDM independent artist designed face mask purchase now with promo code USALOVE. No expiration.

Don't miss our source list of American made masks for kids and our list of made in USA masks on Amazon.

American Made Masks: The Source List

Did we miss your favorite made in the USA face mask maker? Let us know in the comments below and we will add them to our list. Check back frequently because this list is always being updated.

11:11 by Jamila Starwater cotton/linen face masks for adults and kids are handmade in California.

A'Qua Swim nylon/spandex masks for kids and adults are made to order.

All American Clothing Co. cotton jersey face masks come in a one size 4 pack and are made in California.

All USA Clothing reusable fabric face masks are available in 10 packs. The masks come with non-reusable filter inserts (that are also American made).

American Blanket Company is making fleece face masks in Massachusetts.

American Giant 5-packs of HHS-certified 100% cotton masks containing silver and copper. Bulk orders available. Made in Middlesex, North Carolina.

Aviator, an LA jean maker, is offering made in USA one size fits all cotton masks in a pack of 3.

BAD organic hemp face masks for adults are made in California.

Beaudin Designs handmade masks in a variety of patterns. Each sale helps liberate those in sex slavery while providing training and employment.

Betsy Olmsted masks are made in Pennsylvania and have a flexible nose piece.

BGREEN organic cotton face masks are available in sizes for kids, women, and men.

Boathouse 10-packs of 2-ply poly washable masks in bold colors and designs from a sports apparel maker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that it also making PPE for area hospitals.

Birdwell Britches, known for their swimsuits, is manufacturing reversible fabric masks made from their SurfStretch material, in one size.

Blade + Blue cotton face masks are made in the USA.

Brave Star Selvage, a maker of made in USA jeans, is selling selvage denim face masks.

Brian the Pekingese, a manufacturer of children's pajamas, has added face masks to their product line. These face masks are made of 100% organic cotton and are available in Kid(3t-8) and Adult sizes. Learn more about Brian the Pekingese American made masks at the top of this post.

The Campus Shop cotton bandana face covers in tie-dye and classic prints produced by a small Detroit-area business.

The Cat Ball, a manufacturer and designer of cat beds, is making three-layer face masks for adults in Washington. Learn more about The Cat Ball American made masks at the top of this post.

City Threads Los Angeles maker of children's' apparel is making 100% cotton soft, washable masks in six different sizes for children and adults in multiple colors.

Coin 1804 masks for adults and kids are available in patterns, neutrals, singles, and packs.

Dearborn Denim known for their made in USA jeans is making face masks in 3 sizes. The Small size fits most kids, while the Large fits over N95 masks.

Decent Exposures organic cotton face masks for adults are made in Seattle.

Dixie Flag and Banner Company, a manufacturer of American flags, is making fabric face masks.

Eva Varro Los Angeles fashion house is making 5-packs of white or black masks with choice of elastic or ties.

Fit USA Manufacturing masks are available in several different materials. Bulk orders available.

Formation bandannas are made in the USA.

Freaker USA one size fits most face masks are made in the USA from yarn made with silver.

Ginew, a Native American denim company, makes bandanas in the USA.

Go Gently Nation fabric masks for adults and kids are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA.

HARDENCO reusable face masks come in a three-pack and are handmade in Hartford, CT

i Bambini Clothing, maker of children's clothing, is offering unisex fabric masks in all sizes. The XSmall size fits small children.

iEDM offers a selection of cotton face masks made in the USA. iDEM rave face masks come in a variety of patterns that are perfect for raves and festivals. Note: Not all iDEM masks are made in the USA, but those that are are clearly marked. Take 15% off your iDEM rave face mask purchase with code USALOVE. No expiration. Learn more about iEDM at the top of this post.

Island Slipper famous maker of sandals in Hawaii is now making masks in an impressive array of Hawaiian, plaid, camo, and other fun prints as well as solid colors from cotton ripstop fabric with elastic ear loops.

Kade & Vos masks for adults and kids are made in the USA.

Karen Kane, a manufacturer of made in USA clothing for women, is offering fabric masks with elastic and a pocket to hold a filter. These are available in a one-size 3 pack only. They are made with a variety of printed fabrics. The company is making no profit on the masks but is simply keeping employees working and donating to healthcare workers in need.

Knotty Tie Co. a tailored design that is eyeglasses-friendly, patterns ranging from fun to formal, including a collection for kids and a collection featuring faux mustaches. Ethically made in Denver, Colorado. Bulk discounts available.

L.C. King Manufacturing Co. fabric face masks are made in their Bristol, Tennessee factory from scrap fabric.

LA Made cotton blend masks for adults and kids are made in Los Angeles and are available in 5 packs.

LA Relaxed masks come in a 2pk and are made from eco-friendly plant-based remnant fabric.

Lifetime Leather Co. masks are handmade in Arizona. They include an adjustable copper nose fitting and a leather strap holder.

Live Love Gameday makes cotton blend fashion masks (sports themes available too)

Los Angeles Apparel cotton masks are unisex, one size, and available in three packs.

Lutema is the only source we have found so far for disposable masks made in the USA. Fortunately, they come in multiple colors, they are available in kid and adult sizes, and they get great reviews on Amazon. They are made in San Diego.

masQd reusable face masks for kids and adults are available in fun designs. They are made with a cotton/lycra blend and have adjustable metal molding around the nose.

MiliMili fabric face masks in one size fits most are available in colorful patterns.

Mosaic Weighted Blanks is making fabric masks in Texas for children and adults.

Montauk Tackle Co. Performance Scarf is made and USA and is a face covering option for those who don't like masks. The fabric is infused with 50+ SPF sun protection.

Nine Line Daily Face cover one size fits all masks are made from a cotton/polyester fabric.

Onzie Mindful Masks – 2-packs of stylish masks in fun prints using upcycled high-performance yoga fabrics, made in Los Angeles. All net proceeds will be donated to benefit healthcare workers across America.

PAIGELAUREN, a designer baby clothing brand, is making and selling matching cloth mask sets for kids and adults.

Project Repat usually makes custom quilts from your treasured t-shirts. The masks they are making are 100% cotton. The masks are one size, available in 3 colors, and tie. A BioSmart option is available as well that loops around the ears. Learn more about Project Repat masks at the top of this post.

Quality Mask Supply face masks are 100% organic, dye-free, and chemical-free. Learn more about Quality Mask Supply face masks at the top of this post.

Ramblers Way wool and cotton masks for adults are available in 4 pack.

Ripley Rader Shop this designer mask collection if you need a sequined mask in black or rose gold for a glamorous look or chambray for every day. Also available in children's sizes. For every mask you buy, two masks go to at-risk patients or front line health care workers.

Robins Jean designer fashion face masks are made in the USA.

Stephanie Dawn available in bright paisley, floral, and geometric patterns. 100% cotton with a metal nosepiece. Sold individually or in discounted bulk packs of 5 or 10.

Stringking cloth face masks are made in the USA from US sourced Supima cotton. They come in one size.

Todd Shelton face masks are available in sizes that fit both adults and kids. Todd Shelton face masks have an extra loop that goes around the head to hold the mask in place when talking so you don't have to touch it to hold it in place. Learn more about Todd Shelton masks at the top of this article.

Toile fashion masks are made in Pennsylvania.

Tom Bihn face masks for adults are professional looking. Purchasing a mask helps towards providing a mask to someone in need. Learn more about Tom Bihn American made masks at the top of this article.

Tough Cookie Clothing Company makes soft, multi-layer masks out of t-shirt material with a filter pocket. They come in several solid colors and multi-mask packs on Amazon. These masks are the number one choice of one of our editors' teens for wearing all day at school. They seem large on arrival but shrink to a nice fit once washed.

Tough Traveler, an American manufacturer of bags, is offering synthetic blend fabric masks for adults.

Tuff Kookooshka fabric face masks are made in Cape Cod, MA, and are available in adult and kid sizes.

TYSA masks are available in kid and adult sizes. Both sizes come in 5 packs.

Veronica M 5-packs with free shipping. Generously cut face masks with two layers of stretch cotton made to the specifications of Kaiser Permanente approved by the Mayor of Los Angeles. Available in adult sizes, White, Black, and fashionable prints. Learn more about Veronica M American made masks at the top of this article.

WallyGro, an American manufacturer of plant wall hangers, is selling made in USA plant themed masks.

Yoga Society, as soft and comfy as a pair of yoga pants. In black, gray, camo, and variety. Adult and kid sizes. In 3 and 4 packs. Two layers in accordance with CA Dept. of Health guidelines. Fast shipping.

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