Update 9/29/22: We are saddened to learn that Brian the Pekingese is going out of business. With the increased price of organic cotton, and the higher costs for printing, cutting, and sewing, it has become too hard to keep prices competitive.

Going Out of Business Sale: Take an extra 50% off the already discounted prices on your Brian the Pekingese purchase with discount code USALOVE. No free shipping. Last day to place an order is October 23, 2022.

Here in New England, the lowering of the temperature outside signals the time to break the fall/winter clothes out of storage.  Of no surprise to me, my soon to be 5 year old daughter, Sophie, had a huge growth spurt over the summer and outgrew most of her clothing from last year. A couple of shirts and jeans made the cut, but no pajamas.  Ah, a challenge! Time for me to go on the hunt for American made children's pajamas!

While on my search for made in the USA children's pajamas, I discovered Brian the Pekingese

brian the pekingese

Brian the Pekingese brand children's pajamas are made in the USA from prewashed cotton. These PJs are for boys and girls, sizes 18M- 10 years, and Brian the Pekingese himself is featured in every design. I was immediately intrigued and contacted the company. They graciously agreed to send me a pair for Sophie and me to review.

Sophie and I absolutely LOVE the Brian the Pekingese Girls Purple Daisy Print Pajamas and Girls Pink Daisy Print Pajamas we received! Here is why:

  • Brian the Pekingese pajamas contain no flame retardants. I will not purchase PJs for my kiddos that contain flame retardants. I don't trust chemicals in their clothes, even if they are “safe”.
  • Because I will only purchase children's pajamas that contain no flame retardants, the other option is the tight fitting styles. Sophie is not a fan of tight clothes and I usually have to buy a size or two up for them to fit her comfortably. The Brian the Pekingese pajamas we received are her actual size (5T) and they are not too tight at all!
  • Confession: when I saw that Brian the Pekingese sizes only went up to 5T, I doubted Sophie would even fit them as we haven't purchased clothing in toddler sizes in since the beginning of the summer.  She has been wearing size 5/6 from the girls section of the store, and the Brian the Pekingese size 5T are a perfect fit for her.
  • I love that Brian the Pekingese children's pajamas are made from 100% prewashed cotton. Sophie gets hot easily. Polyester blends and flannel pajamas make her uncomfortably sweaty, enough so to wake her (and me!) up in the middle of the night.
  • Brian the Pekingese children's pajamas do not shrink! Another reason why I usually buy my kiddos tight style pajamas a size or two too big is the shrinkage. Many times I have purchased a pair of their true size and had to hand them down to a cousin because they shrunk too much.
  • Sophie loves her new pajamas because, in her words, “they are so comfy cozy…and they have cute puppy dogs on them!”. Thank goodness for having 2 pairs because she has HAD to wear them every. single. night.

Disclosure: USA Love List received products in this post unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.