Green Mountain Tick Repellent

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Nine Natural Remedies for Summer Ailments

Summer is here, and along with it comes the bumps, sunburns, bug bites and any other ailment that happens while enjoying the great outdoors. Over the years I have collected a number of American made natural products that work as natural remedies for summer ailments. Here is a list of my favorites. Nine Natural Remedies for Summer Ailments 1. In the summer, it doesn't get dark in my neck of the woods until after 9PM.  My kiddos have the hardest time falling asleep when it's still light out. No matter how tired their bodies might be, their minds are still racing from the...

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Create Family Memories Using Made in the USA Outdoor Gear

Kids in America today are becoming more and more disconnected with nature. Neighborhoods are quiet as children are choosing to play video games alone inside over playing and exploring outside with friends. Summer vacation is the perfect time to disconnect from modern technology and take the family on some outdoor adventures. The activities listed below are great ways to get the kids moving while exposing them to skills and creating memories that will be with them for life. Make those memories even more special by using made in the USA outdoor gear! Camping Good, old fashioned tent camping is...

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