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10 Things We Love, Made in Texas

Don't start a “what's bigger” debate with a Texan unless you have a few hours to spare. Texans are very devoted to their diverse state and take pride in flying their flag at the same height as the American flag.  Due to the size of Texas it is the only state which has almost every terrain on earth including deserts, swamps and coastlines. It is also one of the most culturally and socially diverse states.  Texans have a big appetite and love their breakfast tacos, Tex-Mex, BBQ and frito pie, so our list primarily consists of food but there...

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American Made Designer Purses and Handbags: The Ultimate Source List

American made designer purses and handbags are hard to find, so we've put together an ultimate source list for you. While some of these designer purses and handbags are a small investment, all of these brands offer quality products, and many of these brands offer lifetime warranties. Let us know which bag is your favorite in the comments section! Our top picks for American Made Designer Purses and Handbags Customized Leather and Canvas Bag Options from Jenny N.  Attention is in the details with bags from Jenny N.  Jenny Nemlekar designs and sews each one of her bags. She uses...

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10 Things We Love, Made in Pittsburgh

To continue USA Love List's State Series posts including products we love made by state, we had Minimel Design founder, Emily Walley, put together 10 Things We Love, Made in Pittsburgh. I'm a Pittsburgh transplant, but I've fallen head over heels for Pittsburgh's robust history, can do attitude, and the steady transformation it's made in the past four decades. A city, once known for the soot that prevailed on every bridge and building, has a new facade. Passing through the Fort Pitt tunnel opens the door to a hilly epicenter of 712 sets of city stairs, 446 bridges, three...

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