Don't start a “what's bigger” debate with a Texan unless you have a few hours to spare. Texans are very devoted to their diverse state and take pride in flying their flag at the same height as the American flag.  

Due to the size of Texas it is the only state which has almost every terrain on earth including deserts, swamps and coastlines. It is also one of the most culturally and socially diverse states.  We discovered that there is also a large diversity of things made in Texas. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.

Made in Texas

Olive Oil

From beard oil to…olive oil. Since we are on the topic of oil, did you know that there are many companies in Texas that manufacture olive oil? Olive farming is a risky business in Texas because of the unpredictable weather and fact that it takes 100 pounds of olives to make one gallon of olive oil. The southern Texas has the climate best suited for olive growth and with companies like Texas Hill Olive Oil CompanySoutheast Texas Olive, and Texanathe  Texas olive oil industry is holding its own.

Cowboy Boots

Of course cowboy boots are made in Texas! There are several makers of cowboy boots that call Texas home including Abilene Boots,Boots, Anderson Bean Boots. J.B. Hill, Kat Mendenhall (vegan boots), and Lucchese.

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Toyota Tundra and Tacoma 

In 2003 Toyota opened a new 2,000,000 square foot assembly plant in San Antonio hiring 1,850 people to build the Tundra pickup truck and it was the commitment to creating zero waste that put the plant in the headlines. Their plant has become the model for the most advanced technologies to convert landfill gas and solid waste into fuel. Today, the Tacoma is manufactured and assembled there as well. 

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What's Made in Your Home State?

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